Turbulence book review

Turbulence by Samit Basu published in 2013  is a fun science fiction novel set in modern day India. After taking the long plane ride from London to Delhi, some of the passengers discover over the next few weeks that they have developed special powers. The individual powers vary tremendously and have to do with whatever they happened to be dreaming about while sleeping on the plane.

Predictably, they end up splitting into two groups depending upon whether or not they want to use their power to help people, or for their own selfish ends.

This is a good book with a lot of action sequences, that never takes itself too seriously. The most interesting part is seeing what types of powers the people have developed. One of the more dangerous characters is a little girl who can take on the power of a T.V. anime character.  She is frightening since she does not realize how deadly she really is. There is also an aspiring  actress whose new power is that everyone she meets immediately likes her. It does not seem like much of a superpower, but turns out to be one of the most useful powers of all in a crowded urban environment.

This is a fast-moving fun read.

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