Draft Day – movie review

Now that the football season has started again there is an interesting movie from last year which  you might want to see on DVD. We were not really expecting much from the movie Draft Day. 

Draft Day 1

However, this turns out to be an excellent film even if you are not a football fan. The movie stars Kevin Costner as Sonny Weaver the General Manager of the Seattle Seahawks.  Sonny is under tremendous pressure since the Seahawks have not been doing well. He is told in no uncertain terms by the team owner (excellently played by Frank Langella) that draft day is Sonny’s last chance to turn the team around. If the owner is not satisfied with Sonny’s selections then Sonny will be fired.

We know it sounds like this could not make a whole movie. But the NFL draft turns out to be a lot more complicated than we thought. The movie shows how the draft picks impact not only those players drafted but also the current players on the team.  The team owner and the media want the Seahawks to draft the star college quarterback Bo Callahan. But the team coach (Denis Leary) makes the argument to keep the current quarterback. The old quarterback was great until an injury from which he may or may not have recovered fully from in the off season. With the future of the team on the line Sonny must decide whether or not to defy the team owner’s orders or to go against the advice of his own head coach. No matter what he decides he will make a lot of people hate him.

What makes this movie really good, however, is that all the characters are interesting, not just the lead roles.  None of them just seem like “supporting cast”.  There are numerous sub-plots that remind us that in real life there is never just one thing going on at a time.  For example, there is an office  intern played by Griffin Newman.  His character shows that you don’t have to be the head guy to be felling under stress and pressure.

Draft Day 2

Jennifer Garner is the team lawyer and also Sonny’s girlfriend. She has chosen the morning of draft day to tell Sonny that she is pregnant. Sean (Puff Daddy) Combs plays a smooth as silk sports agent, who remains cool as ice as things starts to go very wrong for the player he is representing.

Draft Day 3

The movie has  a great unexpected ending, which we will  not give away in this review. If you are a football fan or just a fan of human nature, you will enjoy  this movie

                   ****  We give this movie Four Stars.

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