Dana DeLorenzo- The hardest working actress on Television

Dana DeLorenzo looks beautiful and stylish in an evening gown. However, in Ash vs Evil Dead she spends most of her time covered in blood, rolling around in the mud and  fighting demons from Hell.

Dana DeLorenzo hen she is not covered in blood

Dana DeLorenzo when she is not covered in blood

If you have never seen Ash vs. Evil Dead, the only way to describe it is as a horror gore-fest comedy. In it, Bruce Campbell reprises his role as Ash Williams  from the low budget 1983 horror film The Evil Dead.

The original 1983 movie was not a comedy. It was a typical “cabin in the woods movie. A group of college students takes a vacation at an isolated and creepy cabin and things go downhill from there.  Ash is one of the students and finds an old “book of the dead” in the cabin. Of course, he is stupid enough to read from it, thereby releasing demons and deadites (zombies) on the world.

Now, 33 years later,  the plot is played purely for laughs. Ash vs Evil Dead is a spoof of all bad horror movies, with its completely over-the-top monsters, and  excessive amounts of blood and guts.

Ash vs Evil Dead's Dana DeLorenzo

Ash vs Evil Dead’s Dana DeLorenzo

The cast of Ash vs Evil Dead is great and you can tell they enjoy working with each other. The actors often joke that this is the only T.V. show where they literally have to get hosed off after a scene, in order to wash off the fake blood and guts.

Dana DeLorenzo shows off her b;ood soaked outfit

Dana DeLorenzo shows off her” blood” soaked outfit

Dana DeLorenzo plays Kelly Maxwell, a sort of surrogate daughter for Ash. However, unlike the women in the 1983 movie, Kelly does not spend her time screaming and running away.  Instead, she is a real kick-ass zombie (deadite) fighter, who is always willing to grab an Uzi and attack the Evil Dead.

Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago

Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago

The rest of the cast is also fantastic. Ray Santiago is Pablo Simon, who has to fight the walking dead as well as the prejudices of everyone continually assuming he is an illegal immigrant. In the last episode, he gave his life to save the others, and now they are going back in time to try to keep that from happening.

Bruce Campbell & Lucy Lawless

Bruce Campbell & Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless is Ruby, an immortal from the underworld, who starts out as bad, but then becomes somewhat good as she becomes mortal.  Of course, Lucy Lawless is known for her action roles, going back to when she was Zena the Warrior Princess.

Bruce Campbell is great as both Ash, and the leader of this ensemble of actors. He is perfect as the arrogant, but not too bright, demon killer with a chain saw instead of a right hand.

Sloshing around waste deep in fake blood is probably not what Dana DeLorenzo pictured herself doing when she was studying Media Communications  at DePaul University. But anyone who has ever watched Ash vs Evil Dead knows that when it comes time to chop the head off a creature from Hell Dana DeLorenzo is the perfect choice for the job.

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  1. A spoiler alert would’ve been appreciated! I’ve only just finished the first series of Ash Vs WD and now I know Pablo dies in the last episode.

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