Joy Williams as Janine on Roadies

The pivotal role of Janine on Roadies  is played by singer/songwriter Joy Williams  in her acting debut. Joy Williams gave such a great performance that most viewers assumed she had been a professional actor for years. Joy Williams, of course,  was half of the duo The Civil Wars with John Paul White. Ironically, despite the fact that Roadies continually pokes fun at Taylor Swift, The Civil Wars once teamed up with Taylor Swift to sing Safe & Sound for The Hunger Games.

Taylor Swift & Joy Williams

Taylor Swift & Joy Williams

In Roadies, Janine  is the ex-lover of  Christopher,  the band’s lead singer. Janine is also the subject of the Staton-House band’s most famous song. Janine is more or less the Yoko Ono of Staton-House. Christopher is still madly in love with her, while the other band members and Roadies consider Janine toxic. When she finally does show up for a concert, the fears turn out to be correct. Jeanne goes berserk, and reveals to Christopher that she once slept with Bill.

Joy Williams

Joy Williams

The only disappointing part of  having  Joy Williams as Janine is that we never get to hear her sing.  It seems like a no brainier that if you get Joy Williams on a music show; you have her sing.

It was also very anti-climatic that in the Season Finale Janine and Christopher are back together.  There was just way too much “tying  up of loose ends ends”  in the Season Finale plot line. It was much more interesting when Janine was  a total bitch threatening lawsuits that would bankrupt the band and ruin the reputation of Staton-House.

There is real doubt as to whether or not Roadies will have a Season Two. If the tour is really over, then we will never get to find out who is the real Janine. Is she the gentle lover back with Christopher, or is she still the psycho-chick out for revenge any way she can get it? We may never know.

The Civil Wars - John Paul White & Joy Williams

The Civil Wars – John Paul White & Joy Williams

In her own career, Joy Williams is no stranger to backstage drama. She and John Paul White broke up The Civil Wars in the middle of a tour, stating there was “internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition.” That sounds like something right out of the plot of Roadies itself.

The good news is that Joy Williams has continued her solo career with all new music including the hauntingly beautiful “Someone To Love You.”

We are not really sure if we like Janine, but we definitely like Joy Williams.