“Wrecked” – a spellbinding movie worth watching

In Wrecked, Adrian Brody wakes up, badly injured, in a wrecked car in the middle of the woods. The other men in the car are dead, and there are bags of money and guns. He cannot remember what happened or even who he is.

Adrien Brody i "Wrecked"

Adrien Brody in “Wrecked”

He is in pain and trapped in the car. He finally frees himself but with a broken leg and other injuries, his chance of survival is small. The only way out is to crawl up a mountain, inches at a time.

Good dog or dangerous predator?

Good dog or dangerous predator?

Wrecked is a combination survival story, mystery and horror movie.  Due to pain and lack of food, the man cannot tell which of the things he sees are real and which are hallucinations.

Is the mountain lion real or a hallucination?

Is the mountain lion in “Wrecked”  real or a hallucination?

The man is followed by a large dog, which seems at first  like a hopeful sign that civilization may be near. Then the man realizes that this dog is powerful enough to rip him apart if it turns out not to be friendly.  There are other sightings in the woods as well. A mysterious woman (Caroline Dhavernas) and a mountain lion float on the edge of his consciousness.

Caroline Dhavernas in "Wrecked"

Caroline Dhavernas in “Wrecked”

As the man struggles to remember who he is, there is also the overwhelming realization that he is probably an evil person.  The few flashbacks he  can remember are all violent.

We will not tell you any more else of the plot other than to say that the movie will keep you entranced and guessing. The superb acting of Adrian Brody has you feeling  every part of the man’s pain and mental anguish.  In some ways Wrecked is a metaphor for anyone struggling with life.  Aren’t there times when any of us feels alone, damaged and afraid to discover who we truly are?

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