Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue Bun-Nanza Returns!

Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue’s annual Bun-nanza returns on Sunday October 9th. This  year it will be held at:

Bunny snuggles with the bear

Sunshine snuggles with the  Teddy the bear

  • the Clinton Community Center
  •  Halstead Street
  • Clinton, NJ 08890
  • 11am- 4pm

If you love domestic rabbits, or are just curious about them, this is a great event for the whole family. You can even bring your own bunny, to get a nail trim and grooming.

On a hot day, Sunshine relaxes on the cool slate by the fireplace

On a hot day, Sunshine relaxes on the cool slate by the fireplace

Rabbit expert  Darrin Fournier has come all the way from the Bunny Whisperer in  California to be a guest speaker.  There will be  maze set up for bunnies to explore. Anyone who owns a rabbit knows that scrunching in and out of small places is one of the adventures that bunnies enjoy the most.

children 2

Joyce Wang of Elvis Parsley Products will the there with organic edible wreaths and brooms. Artist Susan Bromirski will be offering her unique digital paintings. We will also meet Alice Shope of Country Pet Specialties. Don’t forget that bunnies like to play so be sure to check out the bunny toys from Busy Bunny.

Bunny Contest 004

Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue is a wonderful organization which we have written about many times. It takes care of abandoned and abused rabbits and finds them good homes. My wife and I have a wonderful bunny named Sunshine, who we got from Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue. Sunshine was brought to Safe Haven Rabbit rescue after someone threw him out of a car window at a traffic light.

Bun Day Oct 5 022

Unfortunately, there are many people who treat domestic rabbits as “disposable pets.” They get rabbits thinking they are simple and easy like a stuffed animal. Once they realize this is a living creature that has needs to be cared for and nurtured they just “throw out” the rabbit.

sleepy dog

Many people take domestic rabbits to vacant lots or parks and just “free” them.  But these little guys cannot survive in the wild. They are not wild rabbits any more than dogs are wolves. Just leaving a domestic rabbit in a park or woods is the same as condemning it to a cruel death.

Kind people who find these abandoned domestic bunnies bring them to Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, for a second chance at life. Please come to the Bun-nanza on October 9 and help rescue these fun little creatures.

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