Roadies Needs More Dead Sex

Dead Sex is the series within the series Roadies.  It is a spoof of the Zombie Apocalypse genre. All of the characters on Roadies watch Dead Sex whenever they can, but as the audience, we only get to see tantalizing tidbits of Dead Sex. As far as we can tell, the plot of Dead Sex is as follows:

  • The world has been infected by a virus which turns you into a zombie unless you have frequent great sex.
  • Most of the men are for some reason no longer available for sex. We are not sure if this is because they have become Zombies, or for some other reason.
  • The sexiest and most sought after male on the planet is played by David Spade, who is forced into frequent sex orgies with incredibly gorgeous women.
  • Davis Spade is searching for his true love Jen and evil people will not tell him where she is unless he continues to have sex with beautiful women.
  • We are sure that we are missing or in error on some plot points. No doubt our readers will relish the chance to point out our mistakes in their comments.

The idea of Dead Sex works on so many levels. The writers of Roadies are using Dead Sex to illustrate that audiences will watch anything, no matter how idiotic, if you put enough sex and naked people in it. (See our review of Naked and Afraid).

Davis Spade - Hunk of Dead Sex

Davis Spade – Hunk of Dead Sex

Having David Spade as the sexy hunk is also hilarious.

Skippy Malloy - David Spade's former personal assistant

Skippy Malloy – David Spade’s former personal assistant

Remember; David Spade is  the actor who in 2000 was beaten up by his own personal assistant Skippy Malloy. (That’s right- he was beaten up by someone named “Skippy”).

Lucius as the opening act almost delayed by Dead Sex

Lucius as the opening act almost delayed by Dead Sex

The love of the ridiculous show Dead Sex is also one of the guilty pleasures that star performers and the lowly roadies all agree on. In one episode, it looks like he opening band, Lucius, will not make the concert. When they show up at the last minute, Holly Laessig and Jess Wolf admit that the reason they were late is that they stayed on the bus to watch Dead Sex.

Dead Sex is also the last show that Phil watched before he died. When someone suggested watching a documentary instead, Phil noted that the only documentary he would want to see was one about the making of Dead Sex.

One of the issues we have written about is that Roadies tends to be a little too pretentious at times. After all, the roadies are lugging around crates for a rock band. They are not curing cancer.  Having Dead Sex in the series reminds all the viewers that the point of watching any show is to just to have fun.

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