Roadies Kills Phil, and Possibly Kills the Series Too

Roadies is very frustrating to watch. One episode after Phil (Ron White) gives a moving soliloquy about his days with the Lynyrd Skynyrd band, Phil drops dead of a heart attack and falls into a pool.  Phil had just become the most interesting character in the series, and now – poof- he is gone.

Phil (Ron White) - rest in peace.

Phil (Ron White) – rest in peace.

Once again the writers of Roadies are trying to force down our throats the lukewarm love story of Reg Whitehead (Rafe Spall), and Kelly Ann (Imogen Poots) as the main theme of the series. With so many more interesting cast members to choose from, why have the writers made these two the central story? These two English actors simply have no on-screen chemistry. When they finally kiss, it is about as exciting as watching Carmella Bowles & Prince Charles making out (yuck).

Charles and Carmella - an older version of Reg & Kelly Ann

Charles and Carmella – an older version of Reg & Kelly Ann

Phil’s death scene was moving and unexpected. It was especially poignant  that in his last moments he was able to hear the sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd. However, for  that one scene the writers have thrown away any chance to expand on his character further. Some viewers at first thought that Phil might not  really be  dead. However,from  the idiotic season finale  we know that  Phil definitely went to the big rock concert in the sky.

Imogen Poots as Kelly Ann

Imogen Poots as Kelly Ann

And what about Puna (Branscombe Richmond)? This was his one chance to shine. He knew “It will happen tonight”, but was unable to do anything to stop it.  The writers continue to waste the chance to make Puna into anything but a one line character. He did not even pull Phil out of the pool. That was Reg in his goofy shorts.

Rafe Spall as Reg Whitehead, the main character of Roadies

Rafe Spall as Reg Whitehead, the main character of Roadies in his sexy shorts

The writers are obviously trying to shake things up for an exciting series finale. But getting rid of good characters and concentrating on the bad ones is not the way to do  it. Another frustration is that  Roadies completely under-uses the skills of Luis Guzman (Gooch). How about a back story for Gooch? (Without killing him off the next episode.)

One thought we have is that maybe it is too expensive to use top rated actors like Ron White, Luis Guzman and Branscombe Richmond too much. Even before his death, Phil had been out for quite a few episodes. Is Cameron Crowe just trying to keep costs low to recoup his investment? Do Imogen Poots and Reg Whitehead work cheap? Whatever the reason, Roadies could be so much better than it is. That is why it is so frustrating.

Editor’s Note: Roadies was, as we predicted, cancelled after the first season. Fans hated the death of Phil, and the idiotic funeral episode that followed. Perhaps if the writers had followed some of our plot recommendations, it would have made it to a season two.

4 thoughts on “Roadies Kills Phil, and Possibly Kills the Series Too

  1. After they killed off Phil I have no interest in ever watching the show again. I hope they cancel it now. Those same folks who killed Phil would have killed Archie Bunker off in season one of All in the Family if they were the writers back then. Idiots!

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