The Big Grey Cat of Tribeca

If you live in Tribeca you can see him early in the morning sitting on the sidewalk watching the people rush by on their way to work.  He comes out of an open metal door that leads down to the basement of a store, and sits watching the people.

He doesn’t meow or look like he is waiting to be petted. He is simply watching. At that time of day everyone is too busy working or rushing to work to even notice him. Large men lift heavy crates off trucks  and struggle down the steep metal stairs to deliver the  food to the basement of the store. Beautiful, tall young women in fashionable outfits stride by in impossibly high shoes on their way to work in the stores of SoHo.  A couple of young investment bankers in black suits zip by in the other direction, trying to flag down a taxi to take them to Goldman Sachs. A woman in a jogging outfit sprits while simultaneously checking her pulse and looking at her watch.

The big grey cat feels the cool  breeze as it ruffles his fur. He sniffs the air and notes the change of the season, and sees a solitary red  leaf as the wind pushes it along the sidewalk.

The cat continues to sit, and unlike the rest of us, enjoys the morning.

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