Yulia Efimova is being unfairly treated

Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova has been treated very unkindly by Olympic fans and American athletes.  It is very hypocritical for American sports fans to act so pious when it comes to performance enhancing drugs. Ironically the same day that Yulia Efimova was being booed in Brazil , Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) was being cheered in New York as he tearfully announced his retirement from baseball.

Lilly King winds 100 meter breaststroke and snubs second place Yulia Efimova

Lilly King wins 100 meter breaststroke and snubs second place Yulia Efimova

Yulia Efimova was banned from the sport for 16 months for using performance enhancing drugs. Lilly King has said Yulia should have been banned for life and that the entire Russian team should have been banned from the Olympics.

Yulia Efimova, Lilly King & Katie Meili show their medals

Yulia Efimova, Lilly King & Katie Meili show their medals

This seems completely inconsistent with the way Americans treat their own athletes. Was A-Rod banned for life? was the entire Yankee team suspended for an entire season?

Does Youla Efimova deserve the way she has been treated.

Does Yulia Efimova deserve the way she has been treated?

And what about American Football? Does anyone really believe that the players get that big naturally? And remember that the King of cheating in all international sport was the American;  Lance Armstrong.

Yulia Efimova on the beach in Brazil

Yulia Efimova on the beach in Brazil

Yes, Yulia Efimova did use Meldonium and was banned for 16 months because of it.  Did she take it again after that? She says  “no” and on appeal the Olympic Committee agreed with her. Traces showed up in her system 6 months after the initial ban, but experts say these traces can last as long as 6 months.

Maybe Yulia Efimova is not a horrible witch. Maybe she is just a 24 year old woman who made a mistake more than a year ago when she was under tremendous pressure from her coaches  to perform at any cost.

We don’t think Yulia Efimova is being fairly treated. We think she should be given the same respect and courtesy as the many American athletes who made exactly the same mistake and then were forgiven by the fans.

4 thoughts on “Yulia Efimova is being unfairly treated

  1. First of all, we’re talking about swimming, not about football. Secondly, your analogy is the typical juvenile response of “well, SHE did it TOO!” Thirdly, breaking rules have consequences, hence why they are rules. At this level of sports, it would be naive to think someone just made a “mistake” and “mistakenly” acquired and used a medication used to treat an affliction they never had.

    Sadly, you’re trying to justify bad behavior by pointing out other bad behavior. On top of that, you’re also trying to shame people who try to speak out against that.

    I would bet a lot of money that if a lady made an allegation of rape, you would actually be the loudest person to support her…not because of the circumstances, but rather because you just take the side of convenience rather than actually doing anything about what happened. I get it, you think you’re enlightened and “cool.”

    Time to grow up.

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