HBO’s Vice Principals – psychopaths we always thought they were

HBO’s new series Vice Principals  proves that what we all believed as kids is true. Vice Principals are actually petty psychotic losers who use their meager power to bully and terrorize kids.

We were not expecting HBO’s Vice Principals to be any good.  The coming attractions looked stupid and Bill Murray was only in it for a short cameo. However, it turns out to be a really funny dark comedy. It goes way beyond the silly situation comedy we were expecting.

Danny McBride and Walton Goggins

Danny McBride and Walton Goggins

Neal Gamby (played by Danny McBride) and Lee Russel (Walton Goggins) feel cheated when neither is chosen to be the new school principal. They then team up to sabotage the new principal, Dr. Belinda Brown (Kimberly Hebert Gregory).

This is where HBO decides not to go the usual “safe” sitcom route. Instead of little stupid antics, Neal and Lee go into full  Terminator mode and actually burn down Dr. Brown’s house. They even steal jewelry from her home first.

Danny McBride, Kimberly Hebert Gregory and Walton Goggins

Danny McBride, Kimberly Hebert Gregory and Walton Goggins

Neal Gamby is the poster boy for bad Vice Principals. He has no interest in the students. He punishes kids for no reason. He searches their lockers,  and generally gets them to hate school. He is also the drivers-ed teacher, and just uses the kids to chauffeur him around to do all his errands. He is loud  and tough and threatening all the time.

Lee Russell is even worse since he is the passive-aggressive type of psychopath. On the outside he is  sweet and polite to everyone, while secretly working against anyone he perceives  as an enemy. He is the one who starts the fire in Dr. Brown’s home.

Somehow, however, you end up routing for these two horrible people. It is hard to explain why . It is sort of like  how you were on the side of Dexter even though he was a serial killer.

So give Vice Principals a look. If you ever hated a Vice Principal when you were in school this will show you you how lucky you were. You could have had one of these guys.

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