Is Alicia von Rittberg Pregnant?

Is Alicia von Rittberg pregnant? Alicia von Rittberg is best known to U.S. audiences as Emma in the movie Fury, and Natasha in Our Kind of Traitor. How did these rumors start, and who is the suspected father?

Oct 5, 2015 Twitter post reading "sorry I didn't tell you any earlier!"

Oct 5, 2015 Twitter post reading “sorry I didn’t tell you any earlier!”

Well, the rumors began soon after the U.S. release of Our Kind of Traitor. In that film, Alicia von Rittberg plays Natasha, the daughter of a Russian crime boss. Natasha is secretly pregnant, and is petrified of telling her violent father. That is why Natasha wears baggy clothing instead of the form fitting outfits a beautiful young woman would normally wear.

Alicia and friends squinting in the Sun

Alicia and friends squinting in the Sun. Is one of these handsome guys the baby’s father?

After the release of the film rumors started that this was not in the original script and that the writers had to put it in because Alicia von Rittberg was pregnant.  Of course, anyone who read the book Our Kind of Traitor, knows this is nonsense.  Natasha’s pregnancy is a major sub-plot in the book.

However, once the rumors of Alicia’s pregnancy began, fans began searching for pictures of her on the internet. They soon found a Twitter picture of Alicia von Rittnerg 7 months pregnant. Once that picture began to circulate fans were convinced that Alicia von Rittberg is about to have a baby.

What people failed to notice is that the pregnant picture originated from a Twitter picture Alicia von Rittberg posted in October 2015. In it she said, “Sorry I didn’t tell you any earlier!” If you look closely at the picture, you will see that she is clearly on a movie set and  that this is part of a costume! Alicia was joking to the fans, but some of them just did not get it!

Fans in the United States Really want to see Alicia von Rittberg in more American films. She is doing a lot of work in Germany, but we want her here. Come on Germany! Stop keeping Alicia von Rittnerg all to yourself.

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