Was HBO’s farce “The Brink” too close to reality?

HBO decided not to renew its terrific comedy The Brink for a second season.  Perhaps it scared viewers by being just a little too close to the truth. We wish that The Brink was still on the air.  The acting was superb and the writing was fantastic. With World events as crazy as they are now. if we don’t laugh at things the only alternative is to cry.

In The Brink the direction of U.S. foreign policy is a continual power struggle between sex-crazed politicians, religious zealots and war-happy military commanders. The other countries are no better. Many are run by insane dictators, violent religious groups, or just plain incompetent idiots.

Jack Black and Aasif Mandui in "The Brink"

Jack Black and Aasif Mandvi in “The Brink”

Jack Black plays a likable, but  not too, bright CIA operative in the Middle East. He knows none of the local languages or customs and his only real interest is in chasing women. Aasif Mandvi is his driver and assistant, who uses his real local knowledge to try to get the CIA to make some correct decisions

Tim Robbins as Secretary of State Walter Larson

Tim Robbins as Secretary of State Walter Larson

Tim Robbins is Secretary of State Walter Larson who fights a constant battle to keep the United States from starting a war for no reason. (Does anyone remember the phrase “weapons of mass destruction”?)

Pablo Schreibea and Eric Landin as Zeke and Jammer in The Brink

Pablo Schreiber and Eric Ladin as “Zeke” and “Jammer “in The Brink

Pable Schreiber and Eric Ladin are a Navy pilot and his weapons officer, whose lives are constantly being put a risk by idiotic decisions in Washington D.C.

Each week on The Brink , the world was saved from nuclear war by  sheer luck at the last minute. While funny to watch as a T.V. show, you can’t help but wonder how many of these  events actually happen in the real world. For example, the book Red Star Rogue by Kenneth Sewell, documents that in March 1968, a Soviet Submarine controlled by communist fanatics  tried to launch a nuclear missile strike on the West Coast of the United States. No one in America even found out about this for 20 years. How many other close calls happen ever day of which the general public is blissfully unaware?

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