Those That Wake – a novel of struggle for the human spirit

In the novel Those That Wake by Jesse Karp, a small group of people from different walks of life suddenly begin to notice things  they never saw before. Strange doors appear where there should be none. There is building in the center of New York that everyone else just walks by without even seeing it.

Those That Wake by Jesse Karp

Those That Wake by Jesse Karp

Those That Wake takes place in the not so distant future in New York City. Although the city is teeming with people, they have become completely isolated from each other with their heads always looking down  into their cell phones instead of up  at each other.

The main characters of the novel are two teenagers, Mal and Laura. They are among “those that wake”. However, there is a price to be paid for seeing things as they really are. As soon as they begin to notice what is going on, bad things happen in their lives. Friends and relatives no longer remember who they are. People tray to kill them.

Mal states that , “I think there’s a secret machinery that makes the world work that we’re not supposed to see, and we saw it. And now we’re paying the price.”

Jesse Karp

Jesse Karp

Bookstores place Those That Wake under the category of “Teen Fiction” or “Young Adult”. There is a special alienation that one feels as a teenager. Teenagers often feel that adults are trying to hide from them the true nature of the world and that adults have comfortably settled into a mind-numbing apathy. All too often, teenagers are completely correct in these assumptions.

Those That Wake is an excellently written novel and is a fascinating read for people of all ages, not just teenagers.  The point that we should never allow depression, apathy and hopelessness to rule our lives is a message people need to remember throughout their lives. We recommend this book even if your “young adult” days are many years behind you.

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