The Shallows – Ernest Hemingway would have loved it

Ernest Hemingway would have loved The Shallows. Like his Old Man and The Sea it is about the struggle of one individual in the ocean who refuses to yield to more powerful forces of nature and beast. Of course, Blake Lively is no old man. Her character (Nancy)  is an extraordinarily beautiful young woman just trying to have a day of relaxing surfing on a secluded  Mexican beach.

shallow 6

At the end of the day, when the beach is deserted, Nancy decides to stay and ride one last wave before the sun goes down. That is when she spots a dead whale floating offshore.

shallows 3

The body of the whale has attracted a huge shark which quickly turns its attention to the fresher meat of a surfer. Nancy gets a deep bite from the shark but is able to climb onto a small rock a few hundred yards offshore. Her only hope for survival is to be able to get to the beach before the tide comes in and the rock disappears under the waves.

shallows 2

The Shallows is fast-paced and exciting. Nancy’s struggle against the shark is completely realistic. She does not do anything super human. The Shallows shows just how weak human beings really are compared to a creature like a shark.

shallows 1

We do not want to give anything more away, other than to say that the suspense and excitement lasts throughout the movie.

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