Chris Christie Disrespects Orlando victims

While other States showed compassion for the victims of the Orlando massacre by lowering their flags to half staff,  Chris Christie left flags at the New Jersey State offices flying high. Chris Christie was either too political, too insensitive, too out-of touch, or just too stupid to order the flags lowered.

Finally after almost a week, Christie ordered the flags lowered, and even then only after NYC’s public radio station repeatedly questioned the Governor’s office at to  why the flags were not lowered.

Flags lowered - But not in New Jersey

Flags lowered – But not in New Jersey

Christie has not said why there was such a delay.  Some people believe that now that Christie has become Trump’s stooge, Christie was pandering to the extreme Right by refusing to acknowledge violence against Gay people. Others have suggested that Christie was just too stupid to realize flags were supposed to be lowered in times of national tragedy.

Chris Christie bows to his master

Chris Christie bows to his master

The actual  reason, of course, is that Chris Christie is not really the Governor of New Jersey any more. He gave up that position when he decided to run for President. He is almost never in the State and is completely out of touch with anything being done here. When he dropped out of the Presidential race himself, he then switched full force to campaigning for Donald Trump, and continues to ignore New Jersey.

Chris Christie had no idea that the flags in New Jersey were still at full staff, just as he is not aware of anything else going on in the State of New Jersey. It took a New York City radio station to tell him of the situation.

Chrisite relaxes while being paid for a job he is not doing

Christie relaxes while being paid for a job he is not doing

If Chris Christie wants to spend his time campaigning for Donald Trump instead of being governor of New Jersey that is his right.  However, we New Jersey tax payers should not be paying Christie for a job he no longer does.

Chris Christie should resign  as governor. He is stealing from the people of New Jersey by taking money for a job he is not doing. Resignation would be the honorable thing to do.  Of course, Christie will not resign. The words honor and Chris Christie are never seen in the same sentence.

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