Will Hodor Return As A White Walker?

Will Hodor return as a White Walker on Game of Thrones? He had one of the most moving death scenes ever put on film. But is he really dead? Even if he is dead will he come back? Let’s remember a few key points:

Hodor "death scene" on Game of Thrones

Hodor “death scene” on Game of Thrones

  • If Hodor was killed he died North of The Wall! Any Game Of Thrones fan knows that if you die North of The Wall, you return as a White Walker unless your body is immediately burned to ashes.
Kristian Nairn as Hodor

Kristian Nairn as Hodor

  • We never actually saw Hodor die. Another rule of Game Of Thrones is that you cannot presume anyone is really dead unless you actually saw him die on screen. Remember The Hound?
Vladimir Furdik as the Night's King

Vladimir Furdik as the Night’s King

  • It could be that the show will have the ultimate twist to Hodor’s character. At this point the T.V. show has gone far beyond what happened in the books, so it is no longer bound by them.  Wouldn’t it be cool if the Night’s King brought Hodor back as a White Walker, but then Hodor refused to follow the Knight’s King’s commands? Perhaps Hodor’s compete goodness and loyalty will survive beyond death, and he will become the leader of a White Walker rebellion. That  seems far fetched, but we would love to see it happen.
The Children creating the first White Walker

The Children creating the first White Walker

  • If this is the last we have seen of Hodor, then we cannot let it go without saying what an incredible job  the Irish actor Kristian Nairn has done creating a character loved by millions despite the fact that he was only ever able to say one word.

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