The Blending Time -book review

The Blending Time by Michael Kinch is a Sci-Fi novel in the YA (Young Adult) category.  Those two classifications immediately mean that most reviewers will not take the book seriously.  That’s a shame, since The Blending Time is a very will written novel that has a lot to say about human nature, race relations and the consequences of environmental change.

The Blending Time take place in the near future when the Western Wold has a severe water shortage, and Africa is suffering from the genetic impacts of a Solar Flare. The genetic mutation is a recessive gene making it impossible for any two pure Africans to successfully have children.

Blend 1

The world  government (The Global Alliance) has come up with a solution to the problems of both hemispheres. Young people from the overcrowded and drought-stricken Western Hemisphere are sent to Africa to marry and mate with pure Africans.  In this way the gene pool will be “blended” and people in Africa will once again be successfully able to have children.

Blend 2

While this plan sounds brilliant in practice, the leaders of the Global Alliance never thought out the details. There are huge social and racial implications to moving thousands of young, untrained White people  to Africa where they are not welcomed by everyone.

Michael Kinch is actually  using The Blending Time to tell the story of current-day Africa and the misguided attempts of Western Governments to “help”. Anyone who has closely followed the operations of the Peace Corps or the United Nations knows that their well meaning efforts often do more harm than good.

This is an excellent book and I recommend it, whether you are a YA (Young Adult), or like me an OF (Old Fart).

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