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I Origins is a science fiction movie about the  most controversial of all  topics- Religion. Most science fiction movies go out of their way to avoid any religions overtones at all. The big exception, or course is Star Wars with its mysterious and all powerful “Force”.

Unlike Star Wars, however, I Origins takes place in current times, and looks at one particular aspect of religious debate- Evolution.

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Michael Pitt stars as scientist Ian Grey, who is out to prove once and for all that evolution exists. He intends to do this  by tracking the evolution of the human eye.  As part of his research he has a database of millions of eye photographs. Like fingerprints no two human eyes are alike.

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However, along the way he makes a startling discovery. Instead of finding out about evolution he seems to come across scientific proof of reincarnation. Being a complete atheist himself, he fights his own discovery, but soon becomes obsessed with it.

Anyone who doubts that the eyes are the window to the soul has only to look into the eyes of Shabat Gula. She, of course, was the Afghan girl who was on one of the most famous covers of National Geographic of all time.  With her eyes alone, she was able to express the anger, defiance, courage and beauty of the Afghan people.

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Brit Marling stars as his research assistant Karen. Btit Marling, was also the star and co-author of Another Earth, one of the most moving Sci-Fi movies ever made.

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Astrid Berges Frisbey is Sofi, the wife of Dr. Grey. After her tragic death her exact eyes appear in a photograph from India. If eyes are as distinct as fingerprints how is it possible for this to be?

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I Origins is a great movie which is both moving and fascinating. It address the problem that all scientists face. Despite all our modern scientific tests and instruments and theories, we still cannot answer the basic questions that human beings have asked since the beginning of time.

  • Who Are we?
  • Where did we come from?
  • Where are we going?

I Origins does not claim to answer any of these mysteries  of life. However, unlike most Sci-Fi films I Origins has the courage to at least ask the questions.

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