Rosalee Thomass in Greetings From Fukushima (Grub Aus Fukushima)

Rosalee Thomass is a German actress who we predict will eventually be a big star in the United States.  While her work is critically acclaimed in Europe she is still virtually unknown to most Americas.

rosalee 2

Rosalee Thomass’ new film is Greetings from Fukushima, (in German Grub Aus Fukushima). She plays a woman who befriends an elderly Japanese woman while touring the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster.  Reviewers and audiances praise the film and Rosalee Thomass’ performance.

Greetings From Fukushima brings up issues the Japanese government would like the world to forget. Basically the government lied to thousands of people about the amount of radiation and the risk to their health. But this story is not trying to be a political statement. It is more about the personal lives individuals and how people cope with an unexpected distruction of everything they knew.


Rosalee Thomass has also worked with Peter Dinklage in Taxi., which we also urge our readers to see.  We saw Peter Dinklage just last week in our home town of Basking Ridge New Jersey.

Rosalee 3

Rosalee Thomass, like Alicia von Rittberg is building her career and reputation as an actor in Europe instead of immediately trying to jump to Hollywood for the big bucks.

We wish Rosalee Thomass the best and look forward to seeing all her future work.

  • We give Greetings From Fukushima 5 Stars *****

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