The Witch – movie review

Anya Taylor-Joy gives a brilliant performance as a strange and  troubled young woman in 1630 New England in The Witch. This frighting movie is filmed in such a way that you feel as if you have been transported to the cruel an unforgiving wilderness that America once was.

Witch movie 1

The story is about a family that has been banished from the town of the other settlers, due to the father’s uncompromising religious views. The family is completely alone on its small farm in the middle of a deadly Winter

Witch movie 3

Anya Taylor-Joy plays Tomasin, who as the oldest child of the family is given the responsibility of watching over the other children. Tragedy strikes when the baby disappears under mysterious circumstances.  The mother (excellent played by Kate Dickie) cannot accept the story that  a wolf has taken the baby.

Witch movie 2

She feel Satan must be at work, and suspicion of witchcraft falls on Tomasin. Her father (perfectly played by Ralph Ineson) is fanatical in his own religious views, yet wants desperately to believe that his daughter is not a witch.

witch movie 4

This movie is a combination horror film and social commentary. It’s cinematography is amazingly well done, and the acting is  brilliant.

We predict that Anya Taylor-Joy will become a major movie star.

We give The Witch our highest rating of 5 Stars *****

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