Brooklyn – movie review

Brooklyn had limited release in 2005, and it is such an excellent film that it is now playing in more theaters that when it first premiered.  We give it our highest rating of 5 Stars.

Brooklyn 2

Brooklyn is the story of a young Irish woman in the  1950s who takes the leap to emigrate alone to America. She settles in Brooklyn, where there is a large Irish community. Despite being surrounded by other Irish Immigrants, she is lonely and homesick.

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This is a beautiful story about her struggle to find out who she is, and what it really means to be home.  Saoirse Ronan has received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for playing the lead role of Eilis Lacey.

Brooklyn 1

All the actors in Brooklyn give excellent performances. Emory Cohen is Tony, an Italian-American young man who is smitten with this shy Irish girl and would like very much like to be her boyfriend.

Eve Macklin and Nora Jane Noone play two other Irish girls who have been in Brooklyn longer and work on trying to teach the naive Eilis the ways of America. Their scenes are funny and charming.

People relate to  this film since it speaks to them personally. Everyone knows what it is like  to feel lonely and to not be sure that you will ever truly fit in anywhere. Saoirse Ronan is the perfect actor for this role. Her character has a combination of innocence and hidden inner strength that will make audiences fall in love with her.

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