The Gentle Woman’s Bunny


Once upon a time there was a sad little bunny. He lived in a small cage in a cold dark garage.  He was a beautiful little guy. A family had bought him for their little girl. He was what was called a  Dwarf Albino New Zealand.  At first the little girl played with the bunny a lot. But soon she became bored with him, ans his cage was moved to the garage.

He got food and water but no attention. He got a half a bowl of rabbit pellets and some straw every day and there was a bowl of water in the cage. One day the door to the cage was left open and the bunny hopped out. He hid in a dark corner of the garage.

When the family saw the bunny was gone they searched and called for him but he stayed hidden in the dark corner. The family put up signs in the neighborhood and asked people if they had seen him.

That’s when they spoke to Susan who lived next door. Susan found out that the family did not really want the bunny any more, and she said she would be happy to take care of him if they found him. Two days later the family found the bunny in his dark corner and gave him to Susan.

That’s when the bunny’s whole world changed. Susan is a kind and gentle woman who loves all animals. She was sad to see the condition of the poor little bunny. He was cold and dirty and even had little flies around him. He only weighed two pounds.

Susan gave the little fellow a warm bath and trimmed his nails. He did not like this very much, but after he was dry, the flies were gone and he felt better then he had in a long time. Then the gentle woman gave him something he had never had before – all kinds of new food. There was broccoli and apple slices and his favorite of all- Carrots!.

Susan threw out the little cage and got the bunny a whole new place to live. She brought him inside the house where it was warm and she let him hop around on the rug. After a big meal of broccoli, he stretched out in a warm patch of sunlight and took a nap.

That’s when Susan decided he needed a name. He loved the sunlight so much that she named him Summer.


When springtime came Susan took Summer outside to play. He had never felt grass before and at first he was not sure about it. Then he figured out that not only was it soft to hop on, but he could eat it.

Susan took a little beach chair and sat on the lawn, while Summer hopped all around her. He no longer tried to run away. He loved Susan very much. He would hop to her when she whistled for him. He liked the top of his head rubbed and wanted Susan to pet him all the time.

But Susan had to be very careful with Summer outside. He was not a wild rabbit, so he did not know he was supposed to be afraid of some things. One day the large dog from next door came running over at full speed and Susan had to scoop up Summer to save him from the dog. The dog was really a very friendly fellow and only wanted to play. But he was so big and played so rough that it was not safe for Summer to be around him.

With all the hopping and eating, Summer grew stronger and got up to two and one half pounds. That does not sound like much but for a Dwarf Bunny that was good.

Summer lived with the gentle woman for a long time. But the sad fact is that little bunnies do not live as long as people and Summer began go grow old. He hopped less and less and sometimes even had trouble standing up. But he always liked to eat. Susan took him to the bunny doctor and got him all sorts of medicines. Summer did not like the taste, but Susan would hide the medicine in little pieces of banana. Sometimes she would grind  up the pills and sprinkle them onto broccoli in a little powder.

The medicines helped Summer but still be got old. One of his legs was very bad, so he would hop under a chair and keep his balance by leaning against the leg of the chair. It was actually a very clever thing to do. He stay there while Susan brought him food and water. Susan would sit on the rug by the chair and pet Summer for as long as he liked.

As Summer got older he found it harder and harder to stand. Susan would have to hold him while he ate.

Winter Snow 005

He still loved his food and would eat like he was a big wolf instead of a tiny bunny. Susan would hold him and pet him while he ate, and then let him down for a nap. Every morning Susan would get up and hold bunny while he ate a big breakfast. Susan would lean against the wall so her back would not hurt.

Then one February morning, Susan went to see Summer, but there was something wrong. He was awake but he did not want to eat . Even when his favorite foods were put right up to his mouth he paid no attention. Susan just held him in her arms while he breathe slowly.

A short time later, Summer gave a little squeak and died. Outside it was a cold winter’s day. But inside the little bunny died in the warm arms of the gentle woman he loved.

Winter Snow 001

2 thoughts on “The Gentle Woman’s Bunny

  1. Loving story . Susan and I both have a love for bunnies . Brought tears to my eyes, but knowing he was loved by a gentle women !!!!

  2. Lisa:

    Thanks for reading. Take care of your Bunny. The Gentle Woman loved her bunny.

    East Coast Stories

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