An Object of Beauty – review of the Novel by Steve Martin

An Object of Beauty is a remarkable novel by Steve Martin. Yes- The roller-skating King Tut Steve Martin. In addition to being a comedian, dramatic actor and movie screenwriter, Steve Martin is also an accomplished novelist.

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An Object of Beauty is a combination mystery/love story which takes place in the New York art world in the years just before and after 911. The title is a double entendre, which refers both to artwork, and a beautiful young art dealer who is the main character.

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The real star of the book, however, is the New York art community itself. Steve Martin takes us inside this rarefied world of Artists, Dealers, Celebrities, Billionaires, Pretenders and Thieves. The time frame of the novel is at a period when prices for art were reaching stratospheric heights never before seen.

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This is a fascinating and well written book. Not only is it an exciting story but it ends up teaching you more about art than any dull art-history textbook. An Object of Beauty even has pictures of the artwork begin discussed.

I highly recommend this novel, which will undoubtedly make you look at both artwork, and Steve Martin a little bit differently.

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