Julia Goldani Telles – a rising dramatic star

Julia Goldani Telles,   plays Whitney Solloway in Showtime’s The Affair; and we predict she will become a major star. This beautiful 19 year old, perfectly portrays a troubled, angry and fascinating character who is the focus of many key turning points of the plot.

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Julia Goldani Telles is as intelligent and talented as she is beautiful. She is a graduate of Columbia University, and a trained ballet dancer. In fact, she was planning on making ballet her career, until an injury prevented that future.

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As the character of Whitney unfolds on The AffairJuia Goldani Telles  gives a very realistic portrayal of a teenager struggling with the betrayal she feels when her father turns out to be a cheating husband.

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In Season 1 of The Affair, Whitney ends up falling in love with  and becoming impregnated by Scotty Lockhart. She is too naive to see that Scotty is nothing but a drug-addicted user of people. She is furious when her parents try to giver her advice. After all, why should she take advice from people whose own personal lives are a disaster? In Season 2 of The Affair, Whitney ends up witnessing first-hand her father’s debauchery at a wild party in Long Island. In fact, as the show progresses, Whitney begins to look much more mature than the older characters.

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Julia Goldani Telles is so natural as Whitney, that we as the audience do not realize how much hard work this actress must have put in to perfect the role.  Whitney Solloway is also one of the more difficult roles. Like many people in their teens and twenties, she is furious that the so called “adults” around her do not accept that her passions and feelings are real. She is not a child any more and has to fight to get her parents to understand that.

We are looking forward to seeing more of Julia Goldani Telles in The Affair. When the series reaches its dramatic conclusion, there is no doubt that producers and directors will be lined up to offer Julia Goldani Telles new projects. We know that whatever she chooses she will be excellent.

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