Alicia von Rittberg in The Naked Swim

Management for Alicia von Rittberg is in negotiations to purchase the rights for The Naked Swim and turn it into a movie starring Alicia von Rittberg.

The Naked Swim is an original East Coast Stories series about a young Canadian woman on vacation in the Caribbean. It is an erotic mystery that  includes sex and witchcraft.

Alicia von Rittberg is best known to American audiences for her role in Fury. In The Naked Swim, Alicia von Rittberg will stat as Jeanne, a beautiful girl from Vancouver Island Canada, who is running from accusations of murder and witchcraft.


The role is perfect for Alicia von Rittberg who has the rare ability to portray on-screen a combination of vulnerability and strength.

witch 1

We are very excited abut this new venture. Thanks for reading

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