Sasha Radetsky on Flesh And Bone

Sascha Radetsky plays the ballet dancer Ross on the Starz Network hit new  series Flesh and Bone.  As one of the few straight male dancers, Ross behaves like a kid in a candy shop when surrounded by the gorgeous ballerinas.

Sascha 1

In this first season Ross has mostly been a supporting character. We would love to see more of him; especially his dancing.

Sascha 2

In season finale of Flesh and Bone, we finally get to see the ballet for which the dancers have been preparing all season. While the style of all the dancers is good, the performance of Sascha Radetsky is extraordinary.

sascha 3

The show focuses so much on the female characters that it misses the opportunity to show the unique challenges faced by the males dancers. In the United States these men simply do not get the respect they deserve as both world class athletes and artists.

We look forward to seeing Sascha Radetsky in next season’s Flesh And Bone, and in all his future endeavors.

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