Flesh and Bone – an addictive insult to ballet

According to the Straz network’s Flesh And Bone, all ballerinas are drug addicted, anorexic, neurotic nymphomaniacs who come from abusive childhoods. In real life, ballet dancers are among the most hard working and talented professional athletes on the planet. They take care of their bodies and undergo a training regime that most people would find amazing to witness.

A series about the real life of ballet dancers struggling to reach the top levels of this demanding performing art would have been fascinating. Instead, Flesh And Bone is a combination of a cheap rip-off of Black Swan, and Deep Throat.

The star of of the series is Claire Robbins (played by Sarah Hay). She comes from Pittsburgh to New York to escape the incestuous advances of  her brother. He is an Army veteran and is basically insane due to things he saw and did in Iraq.

This is another stereotype that T.V. shows and movies really need to end.  Please,  please stop portraying every soldier who ever served in Iraq or Afghanistan as some sort of psychologically damaged danger to society. Our soldiers deserve better than that.

Flesh 1

Claire seems completely psychotic herself. She does not like men touching her and ran away from her brother. However, she voluntarily spends all her free time performing in a Brooklyn strip club for fun.

One of the weirdest shows is the Thanksgiving episode. Clair feels guilty for leaving, and returns home to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving.  Once there, she does end up having sex with her bother. Not exactly a Hallmark Channel Thanksgiving special.

Like most Straz Network shows, Flesh And Bone tries to get the most female nudity on screen whenever possible. Apparently ballerinas love walking around naked back stage, and in their apartments, and basically anywhere they can.

Flesh 2

The one bright light of Flesh And Bones is the fantastic acting ability of Ben Daniels. He plays Paul Grayson, the gay Artistic Director of the Ballet company. Instead of being a stereotype weak homosexual, his character is a tough as nails leader. He runs with an iron fist the company he started, and God help anyone who crosses him.

Still, despite all the soft core porn and crazy characters, you may find yourself becoming addicted to this series. It is like junk food. You know  all the salt and preservatives and fat are awful – but they taste just so damn good. After a few episodes you may say, “I will not watch another episode of this crap.” But you know you will.

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