Crimson Peak – movie review

“Its not a ghost story. Its a story with ghosts in it.” These are the words of Crimson Peak’s main character Edith Cushing as she tries to get publishers interested in her writing. These words very much reflect the movie Crimson Peak itself.

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Set in 1901 America and  England, Crimson Peak is about a beautiful young America woman who wants to break the social bonds of women of that time. In addition to being lovely and intelligent, she is  tormented by the ability (or affliction) of seeing ghosts that other people do not.

She falls in love with a handsome young Barron from England, whose cold as ice sister is always at his side.

Crimson Peak  is a beautifully scripted and acted horror/drama, where the characters are more important than the special effects.  Mia Wasikowska is perfect as Edith Cushing. Edith is strong willed and smart, but soon finds that may not be enough against the physical horrors and challenges she must face.

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Tom Hiddleston is Sir Thomas Sharpe. The  movie keeps the audience guessing as to whether he will be the  saving hero, or a violent evil devil.

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Jessica Chastain is Thomas’ sister Lucille. Beautiful and talented, she has parts of her past that she keeps buried from everyone but her brother. This is a completely different role than we have see Jessica  Chastain in before; and she is fantastic in it.

Crimson Peak is very  much a story that Edgar Allan Poe would have enjoyed. It has the same complex characters, plot and dramatic ending that Poe himself put into his works.

We give Crimson Peak Four Stars ****

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