In Bruges – movie review

In Bruges is a very dark comedy starring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as two Irish professional killers. They are hiding out in the Belgian tourist town  Bruges, after committing a contract killing in Dublin where the job went terribly wrong.

Bruges 4

They have been instructed by their gangster boss Henry (excellently played by Ralph Fiennes) to do nothing but wait for his call and keep a low profile. The problem is that Ray (Colin Farrell) has no intention of just sitting around keeping a low profile. He wants to have fun, and basically has about the same amount of intelligence and impulse control as a 14 year old.

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If you can imagine Waiting For Godot with crude humor, sex, drugs and extreme violence, this is it.

Clemence Posy plays Chole, a beautiful Belgian woman who makes a living tricking and robbing tourists. She comes in for a surprise when she mistakes the Irish killers for harmless tourists.

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Jordan Prentice plays Jimmy, an American dwarf actor filming a movie in Bruges. He and Ray end up becoming friends, due mainly to their love of  women and drugs.  Jimmy is a very bitter character, basically hating the roles he is forced to take simply due to his size.

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This movie is quirky and all the actors are excellent. You will find yourself laughing at parts and then thinking “I shouldn’t really be laughing at that.”

  • We give this movie 5 stars. *****

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