Ted 2 – movie review

We were not expecting Ted 2 to be very good. After all, it is a sequel and one of the leads from the first movie (Mila Kunas) is not in the film. It turns out that Ted 2 is great! In fact, we liked it better than the original. It has the same raunchy comedy as Ted, but with a new twist and new jokes. It is not simply a re-hash of the first movie. It even had a a beautiful original song.

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The movie takes place a few years after the original and starts with Ted marrying his girlfriend Tami-Lynn (played to perfection by Jessica Barth). They then find their marriage is deemed  invalid since Ted in not legally considered a person.

Ted 1

The real surprise in the movie is Amanda Seyfried.  She plays a young lawyer (Samatha) who takes up Ted’s case to prove he is a person. She is beautiful and funny. Amanda even gets a chance to demonstrate her amazing singing voice.  At one point, she sings Mean Old Moon, an original song composed for the movie by Seth MacFarlane and Walter Murphy. It could very well win Best Original Song at this year’s Oscars. That is something we certainly did not expect from this type of comedy.

Amenda Seyfried is s even a good sport about having the movie tease her about her astoundingly large eyes. Ted keeps referring to her as Gollum. For the record, we find Amanda Seyfried’s eyes to be beautiful.

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There are a lot of funny celebrity appearances in the movie as well. The best is that of the Boston Patriot’s quarterback, Tom Brady. Ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby. However, since a Teddy Bear has no male appendage, that leaves a problem.

Ted 5

To solve the issue,  Ted and John  (Mark Wahlberg) decide to sneak into Tom Brady’s house while he is sleeping to try to “extract” some of his sperm.  Tom Brady plays himself in the movie and is great.

Who knew Tom Brady could act? Apparently he got a lot of acting experience when he was repeatedly telling the NFL investigators he knew nothing about those deflated footballs.

Even the side jokes in the film are good. There is a running joke abut how no matter what innocent question you try to Google, you get directed to a porn site. There is even a cameo by  Liam Neeson as a man petrified of what will happen to him if he buys Trix cereal. (He is paranoid since he is an adult and “Trix are for Kids.”)

This movie is raunchy and fun. Do NOT bring your kids to it, no matter how mature you think they are. If you see the film, be sure to wait through all the credits at the end, since there is a short scene after all of them that is worth seeing.

We give this movie Four Stars ****

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