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One of the great pleasures of having this website it that we get to meet new talent. Julia Anne Colette Szczecinski is currently working on  some new poems and a novel, and was generous  enough to send East Coast Stories some excerpts.

Julia describes her writing style as a “cross between Jennifer Belle, Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac and Joan Didion“. However, I believe Julia Szcsecinski has a wonderfully unique style all her own.

sepia self

The Szczecinski style is a combination of stream of consciousness and ADHD. Her writing perfectly captures the manic state into which authors enter when they are trying to create a new work. The writer’s mind jumps in a million directions at once as the writer tries to decide what are great ideas to be preserved, and what are just random thoughts to be discarded. Julia also describes the absolute need  to write.  These conflicting feelings can be seen in the following passage where Julia illustrates the early days of writing a novel,

“Today, is this a ‘novel’ or just a ‘To Do List?’ Does it matter? It shouldn’t. Fuck it, just give me some blank white paper and something to make marks! I could be stuck in a jail cell and I would figure out how to make marks, even if I had to use my body fluids! Take that!”

One of Julia’s poems speaks of the problems in the world, and her struggle not to become  one of the many who just ignore them. Part of the poem reads:

“Shootings in my hometown,

“Don’t let it be

everyone with heads down

half asleep.

Oil spills, abandoned mills, devastating thrills

Watching from window sills,

Give me a crystal, a song, but

give someone else that omnipresent purple pill.”

The 28 year old Ms. Szczecinski  is also a gifted artist, sometimes combining a poem with her pictures.

smoke stacks

The watercolor above, entitled “Smoke Stacks” is accompanies by the poem:

“Smoke stacks, top hats;

Of filthy site, Oh Holy Night.

The ducks still alive, their silhouettes black;

The toxic water burns, and the Sun is what they soak.”

Julia also has clever humorous quips interspersed in her writing. At one point she  states that,

“the city block can be so…blahhh; shades of grey, but not in the S&M fun way.”

Self portrait with blood

Julia understands that to be an artist, poet and writer is to expose the most vulnerable parts of your soul to a public that may or may not understand you. Above is a self portrait of Julia entitled, Ink Blood and Watercolor on Paper.

Julia incorporates a wide range of experience and travel into her artistic endeavors. She graduated from the University of Delaware in 2009 with a B.A.S. in Philosophy and Art History. She has traveled and studied in Paris and China and worked in a wide range of gigs from Artist’s Model to Bartender.

Julia currently writes, paints and bartends in the city where Frank Sinatra was born. (If you don’t know where that is, you don’t live on the East Coast)

If you want know more about Julia, please click on one of the links below.

Julia is currently looking for a publisher for her work. So, to any of our readers in the publishing world looking for new talent this is a chance to sign a very talented new writer. You can contact Julia directly or contact East Coast Stories and we will pass on the message to her.

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