There was a time when we all believed that the future would be wonderful. People would live in peace and harmony. There would be no fear or wars or starvation. We would respect each other and solve the World’s problems by working together.  If you speak of the future that way today, people will laugh at you or shake their heads like you are crazy or just plain stupid.

The movie Tomorrowland starts at the 1964 World’s Fair, when the future still stretched  before us as a wonderful and beautiful adventure. A young boy goes to the Fair and is one of the chosen few to be transported to Tomorrowland. It is not a ride, or an illusion, but a real place where scientists and dreamers can plan  to make things better for all mankind.

Tomorrowland 2

Of course, we all know the future did not turn out the way the 1964 World’s Fair predicted. Tomorrowland shows where things went wrong, and how it still might not be too late to put things back on course.

This  is a great movie starring George Clooney and two extremely talented young actors, Britt Robertson and Raffey Cassidy.  George Clooney is Frank Walker, who was the young boy at the World’s Fair. He has now turned into a cynical disillusioned man who believes nothing can be done to stop the downward trend to destruction of this planet.

Tomorrowland 1

Britt Robertson is a high-school girl who is brilliant and still has the sense of wonder and adventure that Frank lost many years ago. They are brought together by a young girl from another dimension named Athena (wonderfully played by Raffey Cassidy).

Tomorrowland is a Disney movie rated PG, that children and adults will both love. It has dramatic special effects, but they do not get in the way of the characters or the acting. George Clooney, Britt Robertspn and Raffey Cassidy are a terrific trio. The fact that these two young women were able to work so naturally with a major star like Clooney, shows just how talented they are. We look forward in seeing them in many future films.

We Rate this movie Five Stars *****

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