The Beautiful Dead Girl – Part 1 – The window

Derek sat on the bed and  cradled Kira’s body in his arms.   Even in death she was astoundingly beautiful. She had long  brown hair, a lovely face and a sensual figure. She  had  tan skin that had become  white with death. She was perfect in every way except for her neck which was  turned at an odd angle. Her body was still warm, as if it still retained the heat from their love-making session.

“It wasn’t my fault,” Derek said out loud, although he was alone in the apartment. “Why couldn’t we just have had sex and then gone back to bed?”

But then he remembered what had actually happened. The argument. The way she had attacked  him like a crazy woman. He had tried to grab onto her shoulders to stop her and she had kneed him in the groin. It was so painful that he doubled over forward, and  as he did so he had  grabbed  her head.

Kira was  barely five feet tall and weighed less an a hundred pounds, while Derek was six foot three and a very muscular two hundred pounds. When his massive hands grabbed her head, it took only a slight twist to snap Kira’s neck like a twig.

“I wasn’t trying to kill you Baby. I was just trying to balance myself. I just lost my balance.” But in his own mind, Derek knew this wasn’t true. When Kira had kneed him in his exposed testicles his body had been filled with pain and rage. A flash of pure animal fear and rage took hold of him. He instinctively lashed out to protect his manhood. He had grabbed Kira’s head and twisted it with the full force of his weight-lifter’s arms.

Derek reached over to the night stand and picked up  his cell phone. He would call the police and explain what had happened. It was a simple case of self defense. He stood up and lay Kira’s body gently on the bed.  Derek stated to dial 911, then he glanced himself in the full length mirror and realized the police would never believe him.  Derek worked out at the health club every day, and his body showed it.  No one was going to believe he ever had to defend himself from a tiny 100 pound woman.

Derek knew the police would arrest him for murder. He would be convicted and his life would be ruined. All because that bitch Kira could not control herself.

“I don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve it.”

For the next half hour, Derek paced the apartment thinking of what to do. He could just leave and go uptown to his own apartment. No, that wouldn’t work.  When a woman is killed, the boyfriend is the first person the police look for. Besides,  his semen was still inside Kira.

Derek then rummaged in the closet and found a couple of suitcases and a duffel bag. He lay the duffel bag next to Kira’s body and  thought that maybe he could fit her into it.

“No. That’s crazy, ” Derek mumbled to himself. “Then  would would I do? Where could I dump a body in the middle of Manhattan? That’s crazy.”

Derek walked over to the window and peaked out through the curtains. It was still pitch black outside. He glanced at the clock and saw it was only 4:45am. Then suddenly he knew what to do.

Derek turned off the bedside light, then opened the curtains.  He reached down and slowly opened the window wide, being sure it did not make any noise . Kira’s apartment was in one of the old New York buildings that still had windows you can open. Her apartment was only four stories up, but that should be enough.

Derek carefully looked out the window to make sure there were no witnesses. There were many apartment windows facing his way, but none had a light on. He knew he had to be fast, since people would be getting up soon.

Then he turned to the bed, and picked up Kira’s naked body. With Derek’s muscular build, he lifted her as easily as most people could lift a cat. He carried Kira over to the open window, took one more look for witnesses, and dropped her out.

Derek moved back to the interior of the apartment so he could not be seen from the outside. He waited for the noise, but none came. There were no screams, no sirens . There was not even the sound of a body hitting the cement courtyard below. There was just the silence of a city that had not yet woken up.

Derek knew that he had to move fast now in order for his plan to work. He quickly got dressed, then turned on Kira’s computer. He sat down and typed on the screen.

“Derek my love. I am sorry I failed you. You were right. I should have stopped. Goodbye.”

Then he grabbed his wallet, took the apartment keys and left. It was now 5:00 am and he wanted to get out of the building before anyone saw him. He made sure to use the front entrance for the street, not the back entrance where the courtyard and the body would be.

Ten blocks from Kira’s apartment Epstein’s Deli was already open and serving  customers, despite the fact that the sun was just starting to come up. Derek realized now that his plan was going to work. He would have breakfast at the deli.  Then he would walk back to Kira’s apartment, “discover” the suicide note, and dial 911. Derek  thought about it some more and realized it would be better if someone else called the police.  He remembered reading once that police are always very suspicions of whoever first calls them to report a death.

So Derek got himself a coffee, a  bagel with cream cheese, and a New York Times.  He sat at one of the sidewalk tables in front of the Deli, and casually read the paper as the Sun got brighter and people rushed to get to work.

Derek was in the middle or reading an editorial about corruption at The Port Authority, when he saw an ambulance and two police card racing in the direction of Kira’s building with their sirens blaring.  He looked at his watch and decided to wait another half hour before he went back to the apartment.

Exactly 30 minutes later he went back into the Deli, and bought a Chai Tea and a blueberry muffin- Kira’s favorite breakfast. On the way back to the apartment he bought a single red rose from a flower stand.

Derek then slowly walked back to Kira’s apartment.  As he walked, he practiced his look of shock and grief for when the police would tell him about Kira’s suicide.  He allowed himself one last smile, as he realized that everything was going to be OK.  He knew the police would  believe him, and even feel sorry for him.  Derek had always had that gift. With his incredible good looks, his charm and his athletic build, people just automatically liked him – especially women.

Derek turned the corner and saw the flashing lights of the police cars parked in front of Kira’s building. He took the smile off his face and changed it to the worried expression of a concerned boyfriend. “It wasn’t my fault,” Derek muttered to himself one last time, as he walked  towards the building.

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