Another Earth – movie review

Another Earthwas released in 2011 and is listed as a science fiction movie. However it is really a psychological drama. It is the story of a brilliant and beautiful  young high school senior, who has just been accepted into MIT as an astrophysics major.

On the day she learns about her acceptance to MIT two things happen. The first is that astronomers discover  there is a planet the exact duplicate of Earth which is close enough  to be reached by  spaceship. The second is a sudden tragic event that intertwines her life with that of an accomplished music composer (played by William Mapother).

Another 1

The story is not about the science fiction aspects, and it has no special effects. It is about the capriciousness of life and the choices we make. Does a duplicate Earth mean there is a chance to correct past mistakes? Is there really such a thing as redemption for past sins, and if there is do we deserve such redemption?

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To tell you any more of the plot would be to give away too much. I will say that this is a beautiful and moving story.

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The high school girl is played by Brit Marling who also co-wrote the story with the director Mike Cahill.  It is brilliantly written and directed and it has our highest recommendation. Please let us know if you enjoy it as much as we did.

We give this movie our highest rating of Five Stars *****

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