5 April Fools Stories people believed

April Fools Day is a really  strange tradition. The idea is to get someone to believe a ridiculous story and then let them know it was an April Fools prank.  The best April Fools pranks are ones where people later  say to themselves, “how could I have been dumb enough to believe that? Individuals are not the only ones who get fooled. Often major news organizations get tricked into airing ridiculous stories that they should have realized were too stupid to be true. Below are 5 items that were originally intended as April Fools jokes, but which major networks and newspapers ended up publishing as actual news events.

1. A woman successfully sued The McDonald Corporation in a paternity suit, claiming that Ronald McDonald was the father of her child.  The LA Times printed this joke story several years ago on April 1, and got almost a thousand letters and e-mails from people who believed it.  One couple even offered to adopt the child when it was born.

2. In Game of Thrones, the person who ends up as the King of the Iron Throne is the mute Giant Hodor. Many separate internet sources jokingly reported that the producers of the popular series decided to break with the books and go with this unexpected ending. Some local T.V. stations aired this story not realizing it was an April Fools joke.

3. In the new X-Files series it will be revealed that Scully is actually an Alien herself and has been leading Mulder off track all these years. A producer of the new series said this as a joke simply because he was tired of people asking him to reveal plot details.  Entertainment Tonight believed the rumor and did a whole exclusive around it. They even went on to say that Mulder and Scully will finally have a romantic encounter and have a half human half alien child that will get its own spin off series.

4. Vanna White is crazy in love with Pat Sajak and has been stalking him for years. She has been known to make threatening statements like, “If I can’t have Pat, then nobody will.” Pat Sajak is so worried about this that he obtained a gun permit, and often has a gun under his jacket while filming the show. This ridiculous story was picked up by Variety and printed as fact.

5. Steve Jobs is still alive, and has been working undercover at Google. He has been simultaneously stealing Google secrets, and also influencing Google to make idiotic investments. He was the one who convinced the company to come out with Google Glasses.  Industry sources say Jobs wanted to go undercover at Microsoft but it was too dangerous. It is well known that Bill Gates has given “shoot to kill”orders to all his security people if they ever see anyone who even looks like Steve Jobs. This “Jobs is Alive” rumor started as an April Fools joke, but now cannot be stopped. The conspiracy theory people are so sure Jobs is alive that they don’t believe it is a joke.

So, dear readers, let us know if you have heard any other April Fools stories that got mistaken for the real thing. And don’t believe everything you read.

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