10 Money Superstitions that Still Survive

Superstitions about money have been around for thousands of years. Here are the top 10 that still survive today.

  1. No Red Ink – In a company’s ledger books the color red is bad. It means the business is losing money.  To this day, many stores do not allow any of their workers to use red pens or pencils for anything. There is no point in tempting fate.

2.  Never have an empty cash register . Have you even been in a store or restaurant                    and seen a dollar bill glued into the bottom of the cash drawer? That is because it                  is   considered such bad luck to have an empty cash resister that many owners actually glue good money into every register.

3. Never Pick Up a Penny if it is showing “Tails” . You see a lot of pennies on the street. Take a look and see how many of them are on “tails”. To this day many people will not pick up a penny unless it is showing “heads”. If it is on “Tails”, it is the proverbial” bad penny. ” If you pick up this bad penny, it means you are picking up someone else’s bad luck.

4. Always make the first sale of the day. This is still a common belief in the garment business. If you make a successful sale to the first customer who walks through the door in the morning, you will have a good selling day. If you don’t make that first sale, the sales for that day will be awful. In the New York Garment District, you will still see people rushing through the store doors  early in the morning the second the shop opens. These customers have heard of this superstition and want to be the first customer of the day so that they can haggle with the salesperson for a low price.


5. It is bad luck to give someone an empty wallet or purse. This id bad luck for both the giver and the receiver. That is why people still put money in a wallet or purse when they give one to someone as a gift.

6. You will have good luck with money if you find a coin with the year you were born on it.  The luck is even better if you always keep that coin once yu have found it.

7. If you find money on New Year’s day you will have good fortune with money all year long.

8. If you hide money and die without telling anyone where it is, you will walk the Earth as a Ghost until someone finds it.

9. The best time to collect debts is on a Wednesday. Even today some professional bill collectors swear Wednesday is always their best day of the week.

10 You will never be rich if you keep your paper money smooth and unwrinkled.  This is one of the few superstitions regarding paper money. However, there are still some shopkeepers today who will not put a brand new bill into the register without crumpling it a few times.

We don’t know if these superstitions really work, but you never know.  How many money superstitions can you name?

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