The Mule Deer in Winter

It is the coldest February in almost a century.  If it is rough on us, imaging how hard it is on the outdoor creatures.

Mule Deer 004

A deer has been coming very close to the house to keep warm and to eat the bushes.

Mule Deer 005

We call her the Mule Deer because of her size.

Mule Deer 011

She does not look like the other deer. She is very large and has a broad face that looks very sweet, and almost like a baby face.

Mule Deer 008

She is very skittish and runs away if there is the slightest movement in a window.

Mule Deer 010

We can tell from the tracks and impressions in the snow that at night she sleeps under a bush next to the house.  We wish we could tell her she is welcome to all the warmth and bushes she wants.

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