Jupiter Ascending – movie review

Jupiter Ascending is a very disappointing sci-fi movie starring Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones. It has a great starting concept for a plot but then does nothing interesting with it.  Jupiter Jones is the American daughter of Russian immigrants (who changed their last  name).  She leads a boring life cleaning houses with her family, but always dreams of more.

It turns out that she is actually the reincarnation of a queen of a far-off planet.  She finds this out, when she is captured by a bounty hunter named Caine (played by Channing Tatum) from outer space.

Jupiter 4

OK, so far it sounds like it has real potential doesn’t it? We were looking forward to Jupiter Jones getting to the planet and seeing her begin to rule as the new Queen. The problem is that this never happens.

Jupiter 7

She does get into outer space, but she never gets to rule anything.  She is simply a pawn in a property dispute between 3 siblings. They each  want to control her since she has the property rights to Earth.

Jupiter 2

Instead of Mila Kunis getting to play a strong independent woman, her main function in the film seems to be to wear many different space- fashions, and get rescued by other people.  She does look beautiful no matter how bizarre the outfit, but that is not enough to carry a film. Mila’s talents are simply  wasted in this movie.

What is the point of having the whole Queen plot in the movie at all, if she never gets to command anyone or make any decisions?  The only things she ever controls are Earth  bees. For some strange reason the film says that bees always recognize Royalty and will follow their commands since bees themselves have a queen.  However, she never gets any people  on Earth or in space to follow anything.

Jupiter 3

The other problem is her so-called love interest in the movie. The bounty hunter, of course, falls in love with her.  However, Channing Tatum plays the role with about as much seductive power as a stick of wood. There is absolutely zero on-screen chemistry between Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum.

The film was produced by the brother and sister team the Wachowskis. They also did the entire Matrix series. (Of course then, they were the Wachowski Brothers. Since The Matrix, one of them had a sex change operation.) The Matrix also had a complicated plot, but it was original and never dull.  Unfortunately, we cannot say the same thing for Jupiter Ascending.

We give this movie 2 Stars **

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