Penn Station on any given Wednesday

One of or readers for some reason has fond memories of Penn station, and asked for some pictures.

Penn Station 001

Why, we don’t know. Penn Station has the charming habit of only announcing the track and opening the doors to the track 5 minutes before departure. This forces the commuters to have to fight just to be able to board before the train leaves.

Penn Station 002

It is a ridiculous system since the train is on the track far in advance. The system could easily be changed to allow allow people a more leisurely  and civilized start to their commute home. Still, the pushing and shoving is just a time-honored part of the full New York experience.

2 thoughts on “Penn Station on any given Wednesday

  1. Yes, unlike Grand Central, Penn Station is just something to tread through as quickly as possible. Hasn’t improved since they added air conditioning in the 1990s. Now all the eateries are closing. They could hardly make it less convenient if they tried.

  2. Ed:

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, while Grand Central is a work of art, Penn Station is more like a giant warehouse. The fact that Madison Square Garden is on top of Penn Station means the commuters get relegated to the basement.

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