Je Suis Charlie

What can we really say about people who would murder cartoonists because they think that’s what an all powerful and loving God wants?

Charlie 5

East Cost Stories is published from Basking Ridge New Jersey, which was the home of 17 people who died on September 11, 2001 because they happened to work in the World Trade Center.

Charlie 6

The oldest part of Basking Ridge is a section called Liberty Corner. It is named that since George Washington and his troops spent so much time here.” Liberty”, of course, is a French word.


In fact, the American revolution would never have succeed without French support.  The very ideas of Liberty and Equality which we all think of as “American” are actually French.

I wish I could draw cartoons, but I don’t have that ability. So for this blog, I have just downloaded a few from the web, created by people with greater skills than mine.

All of the the people of Liberty Corner today are saying, “Je Suis Charlie.”

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