The Naked Swim Chapter 2

Jeanne was completely naked; doing exercises on  a pink Yoga mat. Spencer always hated waking up early but this morning he was glad he did. When he sat up in bed and looked across his small apartment the first thing he saw was Jeanne.

Spencer thought about saying something clever, but he did not want to do anything that might make her stop. It was  an incredibly erotic scene. By the time Jeanne was finished her toned body was glistening with sweat.

Jeanne stood up and walked over to the bed. Spencer reached out to her naked breasts but she step back just far enough to be slightly out of reach, and laughed.

“Don’t you have an early shift at the hospital today, doctor Casey? teased Jeanne.

“We have time.” pleased Spencer.

“No we do not. No quickies for this girl.”

Jeanne stayed out of reach but showed no signs of putting any clothing on. Finally she said. “Well-  we both do have to take showers and it would be a shame to waste all that water by taking them separately.”

“What happened to that shy Canadian girl I met on vacation?” teased Spencer.

“Oh she’s still here. She just happens to be going into the shower right now. Care to join me?”

Spencer jumped out of bed, and stumbled on the clothing scattered across  the apartment floor, as he chased Jeanne into the shower.


Later that day, Spencer was in the cafeteria of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital having lunch with his sister Karen.

Karen had been the Financial Administrator at the hospital for a long time. She was the type of no-nonsense woman that even the top doctors were afraid to cross.

“I can’t believe you brought her back from vacation. That is the one thing I specifically warned you not to do.”

“What do you have against her Karen? You haven’t even met her yet. You don’t know anything about her.”

“Either do you! That’s my point. A pretty girl flashed a little flesh and you believe anything she says. You guys all think below the waist.” Then Karen stood up an kissed him on the cheek. Well, thanks for lunch little brother.  I have to get back to working on next year’s budget. The government is cutting our funding again.”


Spencer sighed as Karen walked away. He was still certain that Jeanne would win Karen over the moment they met.

Karen Casey went back to her office, sat down at her large desk and pushed all the budget papers aside. She decided to work on a more important project. Karen turned on her computer and started typing furiously on the keyboard. She was going to find out exactly who this Jeanne Sedola of Vancouver Island Canada really was.


Nine hours later Karen and Spencer were once again  sharing a meal. However, this time it was  in a very fancy French restaurant and Jeanne was with them. Karen had invited them both, saying she wanted to “get to know” Jeanne.

Karen’s real plan, however, was to expose Jeanne for the little gold-digging tramp she really was in front of Spencer. With any luck, the little slut would be back on a plane to the Great White North by the end of the week.

Karen had a detailed plan of which the expensive restaurant was  just  a part. Karen would show Spencer that Jeanne was just  an uneducated hick. She would not know how to dress or act or order in a four star New York restaurant. Spencer would see how inappropriate Jeanne would be as a doctor’s wife.

Then Karen would hammer home the fact that it was totally impractical for Jeanne to remain in New York. She could not legally get a job, and it takes years for anyone to get a green card. She would be a drag on Spencer’s already limited income.  Also, as Spencer started doing more surgery, he would be at the hospital more and more. Jeanne would have nothing to do but hang around a cramped apartment all day every day. By the end of the dinner, Karen knew that both Jeanne and Spencer would see it was time to end this vacation romance. If none of those tactics worked, Karen was prepared to use the “nuclear option.”

The dinner was not working out as Karen had planned. Karen had arrived first and was seated at the table having her second glass of wine when Jeanne and Spencer arrived. Spencer was wearing a baggy grey suit that was so wrinkled it looked like he had stored wrapped in a ball inside a plastic bag.

Jeanne, on the other hand, was wearing a brand new, gorgeous blue dress, and spiked black heels.  Her luxurious brown hair flowed halfway down her back. As she appeared, every male head in the restaurant turned to look at her. When she and Spencer walked towards the table, the way Jeanne moved made it  obvious she she was not wearing a bra.

Karen stood up and she and Jeanne did the obligatory “air kisses”.

“Jeanne, how nice to finally meet you. What a beautiful dress. Did you have it with you on vacation?”

“Oh no. I got it today in Soho while Spencer was on call at the hospital.”

Karen knew she had her opening. Jeanne was already spending a lot of money that neither she nor Spence could afford.  This is perfect.  Karen knew from personal experience that most relationships break up because of money problems.

“Soho. Really?”, said Karen. “That must have cost a fortune.”

“Oh no, it was free,” answered Jeanne sweetly. “There’s a new place called Charline’ s that was looking for what they called a combination of salesgirls and models. We get the clothing to wear and then try to push it on the tourists. I get a salary and commission. We are supposed to wear the clothing off-hours too and then tell people all about the store when they ask about the outfits.

“UN-fucking believable”. Thought Karen. “But-but what about work permits and visas?” stammered Karen.

“The store is paying me under the table for now, and is also working on getting me all the work papers.”

Karen was thinking about possibly getting rid of Jeanne by calling the IRS.  Then the waiter arrived at the table.  This was the part of the plan where Jeanne was supposed to make a fool of herself ordering. After all, Canadians think High Cuisine  is when you put brown gravy on Fries.  Then Jeanne started speaking to the waiter in fluent French.

Karen was furious at herself for forgetting about Canadian’s and French.  She knew that Jeanne was probably speaking French with some absurd accent, but since Karen only spoke English there was no way to know.

“Isn’t she great?”, said Spencer, with a broad smile.

The dinner progressed, and the food was excellent. Karen was on her fourth glass of wine by the time the main course arrive, and her speech was starting to slur slightly. Spencer and Jeanne sat very close to each other, and kept whispering cute little secrets to each other and giggling.

But Karen knew, she just knew that Jeanne was bad news for her little brother. Karen realized it was time to stop pussyfooting around and bring out the nuclear weapons.  Karen leaned in towards  Jeanne and sweetly said,

“So Jeanne; Spence tells me you are recently divorced. That must be rough for you.”

Jeanne was not fooled for a minute. She had sized up Karen an an enemy within five minutes of meeting her.  She was not fooled by the fake smile. All through the salad course, Karen had been peppering her with supposedly innocent questions. Jeanne remembered from High School being taught about the Spanish Inquisition.  She felt like this must have been what it was like. “Where did you go to school? Are your parents still alive? Have you thought about going on to college?” Karen’s questions went on and on. With the divorce question, Jeanne decided it was time to strike back.

“Yes, going through the divorce has been rough,” answered Jeanne cheerfully.  “But it must have been so much rougher for you. Spencer tells me that your husband ran off to Europe with some young nurse from your hospital, and that he even stole money from the company where he worked. That must have been devastating for you. It’s like something you would see on a T.V. soap opera. I feel so badly for you. You are such a nice person.”

Jeanne gave a sparking sympathetic smile as the said this. Karen looked down at her own steak knife and for a fraction of a second seriously considered stabbing Jeanne in the chest.

“This is so great,” beamed Spencer. “I just knew the two of you would become friends”. He was genuinely happy, and completely oblivious to the War which was taking place in front of his eyes between the two women he loved.

Over dessert and coffee Spencer finally took over the conversation. He spoke in detail about the fact that he had been allowed to assist in a heart valve replacement surgery that day. It was a delicate procedure and the Chief Surgeon had praised his performance.

Karen had been quiet while Spencer described the surgery in detail. When he was done with his story she quietly said,


“What was that?” asked Spencer.

“Kids!” repeated Karen louder than was necessary. “I was asking Jeanne if she has any kids. She was married for five years. It’s a normal friendly question from one female to another.” Karen realized that she was drunk and that she was appearing to be a little aggressive.  But Karen was not going to miss asking the one question to which she already knew the answer.  Karen had spent three hours on the computer researching Jeanne and now was the time to spring the trap.

“One,” answered Jeanne, looking very pale as she said it. “Little Jason. Such a sweet boy. Strong and  happy with a big smile and a cute laugh.”

After a minute’s silence, Spencer said. “That’s wonderful Jeanne. When do I get to meet him?”

Tears rolled down Jeanne’s cheeks as she answered, “I wish you could honey. He is gone. Almost a year now. Buried on a beautiful  hill. You can see the water in the distance from his grave.”

Karen almost felt sorry for Jeanne but it was too late to stop now. Time to move in for the kill.  “What were the circumstances of his death?” asked Karen.

Jeanne flashed Karen a look of pure hatred. Jeanne knew that Karen must have read all those witch stories about Jeanne the internet. All these thousands of mile way and there was no escape. There never would be.

“Circumstances?”, said Jeanne. “Sitting here in a warm restaurant in the middle of a large city, you could not possibly understand the circumstances of a boy’s death in the  frigid woods on an isolated Island. ‘Bizarre, sadistic and ritualistic.’ Those were the words the reporters used most often to describe the circumstances of my little boy’s death.”

Spencer was too stunned to talk, and even Karen was silent. Jeanne got up from the table and walked quickly out of the restaurant. Every man in the room watched her leave. If anything, the tears rolling down her face made her even more beautiful.

Spencer was about to follow her, but Karen placer her hand on his arm and said. “Sit down Spence. You need to know the truth. I spent the afternoon researching Jeanne. Let me tell you what the people in Vancouver Island call her, and what they say really happened to  her little boy.

Spencer wanted to follow Jeanne, but a part of him needed to know what Karen had to say. He knew how people could say hurtful things and he wanted to be prepared for what people might say about his new lover. So Spencer sat down and decided he was prepared to hear the worst.

He was not prepared. Nothing could have prepared him.

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