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Fracture is a 2007 thriller starring Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling.  Hopkins, plays Ted Crawford;  a wealthy businessman with a genius level I.Q. who is married to a much younger unfaithful wife. Crawford has a plan to kill his wife and get away with it. However, just getting away with murder is not enough for an ego of his size. He wants to shoot his wife while the police surround the house; give a signed confession to the police, and still  get away with it.

Fracture 2

Ryan Gosling is Willy Beachum;  a very successful assistant district attorney with a 97% conviction rate. Willy  has already landed a plush job at a major corporate law firm, which will propel him into the highest income bracket. The new job will get him everything he ever wanted. This includes a beautiful girlfriend (played by Rosamund Pike). She has let him know in no uncertain terms that she is interested in  a high-powered corporate lawyer, but not in a low paid assistant district attorney

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All he has to do is complete this one last case against Crawford. It seems open and shut, complete with witnesses and a signed confession. What could possibly go wrong?

Fracture 1

Willy has a very personal reason for  needing to get a conviction.  The case has become so high profile that if Crawford walks free, Willy will be branded as in incompetent loser. His new law firm has made it very clear that if he loses such an easy case, they will withdraw their offer of employment.

Fracture 4

But Willy  has forgotten that Crawford is a real genius –  not just a guy who thinks he is smart; but an actual genius.  The title “Fracture” comes from a story Crawford tells Willie. Crawford grew up on a farm and one of his chores was to hold eggs up to the light to find any imperfections and see where an egg might fracture. The problems was that Crawford examined every detail so closely he could find an imperfection in every egg and see exactly where it would crack.

The story is Crawford’s devious way of saying he knows Willie’s imperfections as well. He knows the fatal flaw that is Willie’s weakness. Crawford loves the challenge of going up against the city’s best prosecutor.  Crawford wants to not only get away with murder but to humiliate Willie in the process.

We will not tell you much more about the plot, other than to say it is excellent. It has multiple twists and turns and we did not guess the ending.

We rate this movie 5 stars *****

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