Evanna Lynch – What ever became of Luna Lovegood?

Who is Evanna Lynch?  Many Americans still do not recognize this actress’s name, but they certainly recognize her face, and the character she is most famous for. Evanna Lynch played the quirky and fun Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies.

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Many thousands of Harry Potter fans feel that Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) should have married the always interesting Luna Lovegood  instead of the incredibly boring Ginny Weasley (played by Bonnie Wright).  The Luna character was a breath of fresh air when the Harry Potter movies starting getting very dark and depressing. Luna had magic powers that were even greater than Harry’s, but she also thought that magic and life itself should be fun.

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But who is Evanna Lynch when she stops being Luna? It turns out she is every bit as interesting and strong-willed as her character. (By the way, the long blond hair in the films was not a wig. (Below is a picture of Evanna from behind)

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The 23 year-old Evanna grew up in Ireland where she still spends most of her time. She is fluent in Gaelic and French and continues to act, although not yet in any roles as famous as Luna.

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Evanna has used her fame to bring attention to and raise money for a number of charitable causes.  She publicly disclosed that she had suffered from Anorexia Nervosa when she was younger. She then used that disclosure to help draw attention to and public understanding of this disorder.

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Evanna’s main love is animals, especially cats, and she raises money for the humane treatment of animals of all kinds.

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Evanna could have used her sudden fame to try to make as much money for herself as possible. Instead she has used it to help those around her.

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The picture above is Evanna ready to run in the Goal Mile, an annual charitable running race throughout Ireland and parts of the UK.

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So; the little Irish girl who first played Luna Lovegood when she was  only 14 years old, has turned into a beautiful young woman who spends her time and fame to help those in need.

It turns out that there is magic in this world after all.

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