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Well; after all the fuss we finally got to see The Interview. Just a couple of days ago we did a post about having to guess at how good the movie would have been since Sony said it would not release it. Now with the urging of the U.S. government Sony released the move on line and to a few select theaters.  With all the pre-release publicity it will probably end up being the most successful on-line movie of all time.

So forgetting about all the political ramifications; what did we think of the movie?

It was really funny. Crude and somewhat gross in parts but very funny. Some of the funniest parts occur even before the team gets to North Korea. Seth Rogen plays Aaron Rappaport. Aaron is a graduate of Columbia University’s School of Journalism whose career has somehow taken a wrong turn. He is the producer of an idiotic T.V. talk show (Skylark Tonight) which panders to the lowest possible intelligence level of the viewing audience. His fellow Columbia alumni consider him a complete sell-out.


The on-screen star of Skylark Tonight is David Sklyark (perfectly played by James Franco). Davis is as stupid as Aaron is brilliant. David actually believes he is a real journalist.

James Franco is funny, but Seth Rogan really makes the movie. He is hilarious as he tries to  explain even the simplest facts of the world to the T.V. star.  The interplay between Rogan and Franco are the best parts of the film.

Aaron is so fed up with the show that he threatens to leave unless they get some real news interviews. In response, David Skylark finds out that Kim Jong-un is a fan of the show and challenges Aaron to get that interview.

As we all know from the trailer, Kim Jong-un agrees to the interview, and the CIA convinces Aaron and David to try to kill Kim Jong-un.


Kim Jong-un (played by Randall Park) turns out to be  a cigar smoking, Margaretta drinking letch who loves to listen to Katie Perry music. In fact he is so much fun that David has second thoughts about trying to kill him. Aaron, of course, is not so easily fooled.

We will not give away what happens other than to say that as the movie progresses it gets more violent and the humor becomes cruder.  Still, it does end up having a surprise ending which is hard to do in a comedy.


We should also mention the wonderful performance of Diana Bang who plays Sook, the North Korean official who sets up the interview. She plays a True Believer in the North Korean system, but who also has a strong but suppressed sexuality.

You should definitely see this movie, since everyone will be talking about it. Be warned that it is not for children.  If it was not for the political drama surrounding the film we probably would have given it 3 stars. However, now only giving it 3 seems somehow un-American. After all, isn’t being able to watch whatever crude comedy We choose exactly what free speech is all about?

We give this movie Four Stars ****

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