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There is no doubt in our minds that Sony Pictures will eventually release The Interview and that it will be a huge blockbuster due to all the political events surrounding it.

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As we all know by now, a group calling itself The Guardians of Peace hacked into Sony in retaliation for the movie. As we write this blog tonight, the internet in all of North Korea is completely down in what looks like a counter-attack from the United States. After all, President Obama did promise a “Proportional Response.”

But here’s a question some very smart geeks have starred to ask. What if North Korea didn’t do it?  Apparently this was a very sophisticated attack and North Korea has never before shown any real talent with computers.

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What if another country that does have a sophisticated I.T. capability is the real attacker and the U.S. has been completely fooled.  This would make a better plot than the actual movie. However, that seems far fetched. The U.S government has said it is 100% sure that attack was the work of North Korea. (Sort of like the way it was 100% sure there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. )

It would certainly make a great movie if a “frienenemy” of the U.S. (like Russia or Pakistan) created the Guardians of Peace and then successfully blamed North Korea for the attack.

But this is a blog that reviews movies, rather than makes political prognostications, so lets get on with the review.

INTERVIEW 2From what we have seen so far the movie looks pretty funny. Seth Rogen and James Franco play two T.V. “Journalists” that do nothing but fluff pieces about celebrities, cute pets, etc.  Then they have a chance to interview Kim Jong-un the cult-like leader of North Korea. A CIA agent approaches the journalists and proposes they assassinate Kim Jong-Un. This Agent Lacey is played by the very attractive Lizzy Caplan who is best known for her many naked scenes in Masters of Sex.

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The humor of the movie revolves around the fact that the would-be assassins are completely incompetent.

So in this review, without having actually seen the movie, we have to try to decide one point. Is the movie actually funny?

The first thing to look at is subject matter.  The North Koreans say that any movie about trying to kill a real person cannot be considered a comedy. They do actually have a point. Suppose, for example, that an Iranian film company made a comedy about 2 very stupid suicide bombers whose mission is to come to America and blow up the U.S. Supreme Court with all the justices inside.  No matter how idiotic the bombers or how many sexy actresses were in the film, would the American public shrug this off as “Just a stupid comedy”?

Sony, of course, could have avoided the entire issue by just using a fictitious country. This was done in the George Clooney drama Syriana. Anyone who knows the Middle easily can tell that the fictitious “Syriana” is actually Saudia Arabia; but the political problem was avoided by using a fake name.

The other point is that maybe the movie when it is finally released will turn out to be not very funny after all. We still remember how terrible A Million Ways To Die In the West was. The trailer was hilarious, but the full length movie was so bad it was physically painful to watch. Some of the leaked e-mails from the hackers show Sony executives trashing The Interview saying it is not at all funny.

A truly bizarre twist would be if it turns out Sony hacked itself just to get unprecedented publicity for a truly bad film. (Remember conspiracy theorists, you heard it here first).

In the end, it will probably turn out that everything is just as it seems. The movie is really funny, and North Korea did attack Sony. One thing is for sure throughout history. The thing every dictator hates about all else is to be made fun of. In a totalitarian state comedians are the first people eliminated. For proof of that read what happened to the comedian in our true story Gamal And The Jews- A First Hand Account Of When President Nasser Expelled the Jews From Egypt.

We will say that we are going to see The Interview movie the first chance we get, however it gets released.

Until then, for the second time in our reviewing career we are going to have to give a movie

Five Question Marks ?????

(The first Five Question Mark Review was for The Scarlett Johansson movie Under The Skin which was so weird that we gave it Five Question Marks even after we saw it.)

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