The Naked Swim

“I went topless on the beach this morning,” whispered Jeanne shyly  at breakfast. With her Canadian accent she pronounced “top” like “tope”.

The way she said it in such a timid way it  made Spencer smile. It also made him picture what she must have looked like on the beach. Jeanne was 23 years old and beautiful. She had long brown hair, green eyes and a figure that was athletic yet voluptuous.  He had met her on his first  day at the Caribbean resort and had made a point of timing his breakfasts so that he would “just happen” to be in the buffet line when she was.

Jeanne on the Beach topless

Jeanne on the Beach topless

A lot of guys at the resort had been trying to pick up Jeanne. She always smiled politely and explained that she had just been through a nasty divorce and really needed some time alone.

Unlike the other guys Spencer took it very slow and as a result the two of them ended up sitting and talking at breakfast each morning. Then Jeanne went off to a secluded part of the beach to sit under an umbrella  and read.  Spencer never tried to follow her and join her under the umbrella. So far every guy that had done this had been quickly rebuked.

“Jeanne, you surprise me, ” teased Spencer. “You have been rejecting men all week and then you paraded around in front of them topless. What a tease.”

“I did not parade,” answered Jeanne. “I got up very early and went out on the beach just as the sun was coming up and it was still empty. I could never go topless when anyone was out there, but I wanted to feel what it was like.”

“And what was it like?”

“It felt nice,” answered Jeanne, with her cheeks blushing red. “Can I tell you a secret?”

“Of course.”

“Tomorrow, if I have the nerve, I am going to do the same thing at the same time. Except this time I am going to get totally naked and go for a swim. Let’s face it. When I am back on Vancouver Island I will never do it. Well; have a nice day Spencer.”

With that, Jeanne picked up her bag, and headed to the beach. Spencer just sat there for a long time sipping his coffee. He had never been very good at figuring out what women wanted, and he was very unsure why Jeanne had mentioned naked swimming tomorrow morning. Was she just making casual conversation or was she somehow subtly  inviting him to join her tomorrow? Then he thought of a worse possibility. Maybe she thought of him as such a friend that it would never even occur to her that he might be interested in her sexually. Like the way groups of really good looking girls always seemed to have one gay guy they included in their conversations.  Maybe he had been taking it so slowly that she thought he was gay?

After breakfast Spencer realized there was only one thing to to. He did not want to but he was going to have to call his sister Karen and ask her to interpret Jeanne’s actions. Karen was 8 years older and his whole life Spencer had depended on her to explain all the social cues that Spencer missed.

“You’re an idiot Spencer,” said Karen over the phone. This girl is totally trying to hook you. Telling you when she is going to be naked on the beach. What a crock! Girls don’t say things like that by accident. She planned it out exactly. Like the way a woman “just happens”  to have a towel slip off when she comes out of a shower. She is planning on going home with the rich Doctor Spencer Casey. She didn’t go to the Caribbean to get a tan. She went there to become a doctor’s wife.”

“First of all,” said Spencer “as you very well know I am not rich. I am still a Resident and I took every penny out of savings just to take this one week vacation. Secondly, she does not even know I’m a doctor.  I don’t like telling people I’m a  doctor when I’m on vacation. Everybody treats you differently and then they start telling you about all their aches and pains.”

“All right. Calm down Spence. Tell me what you really know about this girl besides how great she would look with no clothing on.”

“Well, she got married at 18 and apparently her husband was a real jerk. She stuck with him for 5 years and came down here on vacation after a terrible divorce. She took what little money she got from the divorce and used it for this the vacation. She just needed to get away. She lives in a little factory town on Vancouver Island. Just about everyone  in the town works for the fish processing plant.”

“OK,” said Karen, “So she has a high school education at best and a 5 year old kid. Have fun with her, but make sure you leave her behind when the vacation is over.”

“She never said anything about a kid. Where are you getting that?”

“Spence. Men are such idiots. The only reason a girl gets married at 18 is that she is pregnant. What does she do for a living?”

“I don’t know. She said she plays piano. Maybe she teaches it.”

“OK Little brother. Have fun on vacation, but watch out for this Canadian hick. ”

“Wait! Don’t hang up yet. Was she hinting for me to join her for her naked swim tomorrow morning?”

“Of course she was Spence! What does she have to do; write you a letter? See you when you get back.”

After the phone call Spencer was more confused than ever. He was annoyed at how suspicions Karen always was of everything and how she thought she still needed to protect him like when he was little.  Spencer decided to forget about Jeanne for the rest of the day. He went down to the dock and signed up for a sailing lesson, hoping that would take his mind off Jeanne.

An hour later, Spencer was out on the water attempting to sail a Sunfish, while Jeanne was high up on the beach laying on a lounge chair under a palm tree.  In her hand was not a book, but her iPhone. Jeanne did not have much formal education, but she had mastered how to use the internet well enough to quickly check out every guy who had approached her this week. A short chat with any man gave her more than enough information to look up all his important details. On her first day at the resort Jeanne realized she had hit the jackpot with Doctor Spencer Casey.

She liked that he was shy and did not flaunt that he was a doctor. But in their casual breakfast conversations she had been able to get out of him his full name, his age, where he had gone to college and where he lived. Once she had that, finding the rest on line had been easy. His profile was very impressive. Harvard medical school and a cardiac surgical Resident at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York.  Jeanne figured that he probably had a ton of student loans and almost no money right now, but she  had the patience to wait. A New York heart surgeon would eventually  be making a lot of money. More than anyone in the smelly fish factory on Vancouver Island could ever imagine.

“Mrs. Jeanne Casey,” she said out loud. Then she tired out, “Doctor and Mrs. Casey.” Jeanne lay back on the lounge chair and smiled.

Jeanne had not lied much  to Spencer. Most of what  she told him was true. She had been married at 18 and had just been divorced at the age of 23. The only thing she lied about was when she told Spencer her ex-husband  Billy was a jerk. Billy  was actually a real nice guy. He could not understand why she wanted a divorce. He kept asking what had changed.

Over and over she tried to explain to Billy that the problem was that nothing had changed and nothing ever would. The same town with  same job in the fish factory, and seeing  the same people they had seen every day of their lives. All he had to do to keep her was change, but he just couldn’t.

The final straw was when Nancy Kavanaugh came home from college for a visit. Jeanne was so jealous she wanted to scream. “Nerdy  Nancy” that everyone used to make fun of in high school was now a pre-med student at the University of Toronto, and Jeanne was entering Accounts Payable invoices at the fish factory.

Jeanne lay back in her lounge chair and realized that she was getting angry just thinking about Nancy. Then she thought about Spencer and relaxed.  There were only three more days left on the vacation  so she had pick up the pace. Tomorrow would be the day she would allow Spencer to successfully make his move. He would show up on the beach tomorrow morning and she would “just happen” to come out of the water from her naked swim as he walked by. Jeanne hoped the water would not be too cold.

That night Spencer could barely sleep. He set an alarm to make  sure he got up early. He knew that by pure chance on this vacation he had met the woman he was meant to spend his life with.  She was the one. Beautiful, soft spoken and so very shy. He realized that she wanted him too, but could not just come out and say it. Her hints about the naked morning swim were  her way of saying it.

Tomorrow morning he was going to meet her on the beach and they would swim nude in the beautiful Caribbean and make love on the beach before another soul on the resort was even awake. Then he was going to convince her to change her flight and come back with him to New York. They would live in his little cramped apartment and be madly in love. Of course, when he finished his Residency and became a full-fledged heart surgeon they would be able to afford more.

Spencer fell asleep happier than he had even been before. Things were going to be wonderful. He was in love with Jeanne and he knew his sister Karen was going to love her too. Spencer slept and dreamed about the clear beautiful Caribbean water.

Editors Note :  These are the opening lines of The Naked Swim, which will be released as a full-length eBook in 2020. To find out more information, please email us at

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