Escape From Tomorrow – movie review

One of our readers asked that we review more independent films. One very interesting 2013 independent film which is now available ion DVD is Escape From Tomorrow.

This movie was filmed without permission at Disney World and Disney Land. Much of it was filmed using small video cameras and iPhones so that the film crew would just look like ordinary tourists.

The story is about a typical American family on vacation in Disney World with their two small children. The movie all takes place on the last day of their vacation. Just before they are to start the day’s activities the father receives a call from his boss letting him know that the father’s position at the company has been eliminated.  The father does not want to ruin the   vacation so he does not tell his wife or kids that he is now unemployed.


As the day goes on in the theme park the father starts drinking a lot of alcohol. That combined with the hot sun begins to take a toll on him. One thing the movie demonstrates is that there are an amazing number of places in Disney World which sell alcohol in large quantities.

Strange things start happening. The film is excellently done, since as the movie progresses you are never sure whether certain events are actually happening, or if they are all just in the imagination of the father.

What makes the movie so good is that the family  is so true to life. Roy Abramshon plays the father Jim White. Jim loves his wife Emily (played by Elena Schuber) but still can’t help noticing two sexy young French girls who are also vacationing in the park.  The girls seem to be flirting with Jim and he purposely goes on certain rides just to follow them.  Do the girls really find him attractive, or is he just being a creep?


There are also some mysterious things going on in the background. There are rumors that there has been some serious outbreak of illness in the park that Disney is keeping hidden from public knowledge.  We see a hint of this when Jim takes his daughter to the first aid station for her scrapped knee and a very stressed nurse ask a number of medical questions that have nothing to do with a scraped knee.

Jim and his wife  get sort of sick of each other during the day and decide to each take one of the kids to visit different parts of the park just to get away from each other for a while. (Another realistic touch for the movie). Once they are apart the really bizarre things start happening to Jim.  He meets a man in  a wheelchair who seems to be making veiled threats. He encounters a woman who claims to be a witch. Is Jim drunk, or feeling the effects of illness, or is he really just encountering the strange type of people you sometimes run into when you are trying to relax?

We will not say anything more about the plot since it is a mystery/fantasy movie and we do not want to give too much away. We will say that the last 20 minutes of the film are bizarre and unexpected.

We give this movie Four Stars ****

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