Intersteller – movie review

Intersteller opened this weekend and it is definitely worth going to see. It takes place in the not too distant future and the Earth is dying. At least the species of humans on Earth is dying.

A blight has devastated one food crop after another making it impossible to grow enough food to feed the World’s population. There is no end in site and the U.S. has entered into another Dust Bowl.

A group of scientists has come to the conclusion that there is no way to save human life on Earth.  The only hope is to find a new world to inhabit. This interstellar travel is suddenly made possible by the mysterious appearance of a “worm hole” near Saturn. Some force or someone has  caused this door to appear and humans need to go through in search of their destiny.

This movie accomplishes the rare feat of having amazing special effects while at the same time having real character development. Mathew McConaughey stars as “Cooper” an ex-astronaut turned farmer, who is brought out of retirement to lead the mission.

Some of the most touching parts of the movie are Cooper’s interactions with his 10 year-old daughter “Murph”. Her reaction is completely natural. She does not understand that her farther is off the save the World. She is just angry and hurt and feels betrayed that her father is leaving for years and may never come back.

inteersteller 3

The young Murph is played by Mackenzie Foy who is an incredibly talented  young actress.  She has previously been in two of the Twilight movies.

Intersteller takes place over a number of years and the older Murph is played by Jessica Chastain who gave the powerful performance in Zero Dark Thirty.

Intersteller 2

Anne Hathaway plays Amelia Brand the scientist who is also one of the astronauts on the mission to find a new world. Despite her obvious beauty the director  takes the high road keeps her as a realistic astronaut with the gear a real astronaut would  wear.   The movie does not  have any  idiotic scenes designed to show her in skimpy outfits, like we have seen with other Sci-Fi movies   that happen to have a beautiful female star.

Intersteller 1

Be warned ahead of time that this is almost a 3 hour movie. However, it moves amazingly quickly.  It also has a lot of qualities similar to  2001 A Space Odyessy, made by famed director Stanley Kubrick.

This is a great science fiction movie with real charter development. It has to be seen on the big screen to get the full impact.

We give this movie 5 Stars *****

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