Under The Skin – Movie Review by Gregory F. Farrell

Under The Skin starring Scarlett Johansson is the type of movie you will either love or hate. Most people will hate it. However, true independent film buffs will love it.

Scartett 1

Scarlett is an alien from outer space that is using her beauty to lure and then entrap men. The exact reason for this does not become clear until towards the end of the film. She  has no compassion for what she is doing to the men.

She is inhabiting a body which is not her own, and slowly she begins to experience and enjoy the sensations from that body. When that happens she finds herself becoming unexpectedly more human.

It is one of the strangest and unusual films we have seen in a long time. How the movie was made is as unusual as the film itself.

It was filmed in Northern Scotland and Scarlett has black hair and a very good British accent. She drives around in a van and pulls up to men saying she is lost. Then she asks if a man will get into the van and guide her with directions.

Scartett 2

Most of the men in the movie were not actors. There were hidden cameras in the van, and Scarlett really was approaching complete strangers. Because of the dark hair and the accent they did not realize it was the famous movie star.  Because of her beauty and charm she was very successful at getting men into the van. Of course, at some point the director had to tell the men what was going on and get their permission to be in the movie.

Scarlett Johansson has always been know as a very talented actor willing to take risks. In this film she not only plays an Alien (who is never given a name), but even appears completely naked as the Alien discovers her own sensuality. As far as we know this is the first time Scarlett has appeared naked on camera.

One of the drawbacks to using real Scottish working class people is that most Americans will find their accents almost impossible to comprehend.  We watched this on DVD, and although they were speaking English, the Scottish accents in some parts were so thick that we had to turn on the English subtitles to find out what was going on.

If you want to see a film that pushes the edge of what to try in cinema and want to see Scarlett in something really different; then you will want to see this film. If you like more mainstream movies then your reaction will most likely be “What the Hell was that movie about?”

This movie so much varies with the taste of the viewer that we really do not know how to rate it.

For the first time we are giving a movie a rating of 5 Question marks.  ?????

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